Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A MILLION ISRAELIS HAVE 15 SECONDS TO FIND SHELTER: Any other country would have turned Gaza into the Bonneville Salt Flats

If Hillary Clinton weren't ducking the growing Benghazi scandal enjoying "wine-tastings" in Australia, I'd ask her, Hey, Hill, how's that Arab Spring thingamabob workin' out?"

"If an alarm is sounded, people in southern Israel—1 million people—have 15 seconds to find shelter. I don’t know if any of your governments will accept this reality. I cannot accept this." -- PM Netanyahu

Some simple facts about the ongoing Blitzkrieg from Gaza:

  • +120 rockets have been fired at Israel this week.
  • +760 rockets have been fired at Israel in 2012.
  • +2500 rockets have been fired at Israel since 2009.
  • Terrorists hold more than 10,000 rockets in Gaza.
  • One million Israelis, 14% of the population, are under the threat of rocket fire.
    • That is equivalent to 44 million U.S. citizens under the threat of rocket fire.
  • Gaza terrorists targeted an IDF jeep this week, injuring four soldiers. (Video)
  • Hamas rules the Gaza strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched form there.
  • Hamas, supported by Iran, has wielded authority over the Gaza Strip since 2007.

  • No other state would accept a similar reality.
  • The targets of the Israeli operation are all military.
  • Hamas and the other terrorist organizations hide among the civilian population of Gaza. They also deliberately direct their fire at the civilian population of Israel. These acts constitute a double war crime.
  • Israel will make every effort to prevent harm to the civilian population of Gaza, and regrets any injury to civilians.
  • The border crossings from Israel to the Gaza Strip remain open, allowing for the routine passage of goods and humanitarian aid.
  • The international community must act to stop the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. The message to Hamas should be clear: stop the attacks on Israel.
  • Time and again, Israel has warned that it would not tolerate these attacks.

Watch the videos. It's like the Battle of Britain being reenacted in Israel.

If I were commanding the IDF, my calculus would be very simple: we will level block by block, town by town, city by city, until the attacks stop.

No other country on Earth would tolerate a million citizens fleeing for bomb shelters dozens of times per day.

It's time to draw a line in the sand. And if that line happens to be as wide as Gaza, so be it.


Blake said...

It all started when Israel fired back. (said sardonically)

Reaganite Independent said...

Bibi is beginning to deal with them as we speak, and it even looks like an Israeli ground incursion is in the offing.

I like how the IDF issued a statement yesterday advising any Hamas commanders of any rank 'not show their face above ground over the next few days' lol