Sunday, November 18, 2012

MEDIA FAIL: Photo accompanying story on airport bars sets new, all-time "inappropriateness" record

It's those "layers and layers" of editors and fact-checkers, don't ya know?

...while watching a plane take off from Boston’s Logan Airport might give you a lovely image framed by the city’s skyscrapers, we’re not entirely sure this was the best image WBZ4 in Boston should have used alongside a story on Boston’s best airport bars. It’s just so… “plane crashy,” we think, is the technical term.

...Unless, of course, you want to give the impression that some airport Chili’s franchises offer an El Niño® Margarita so good even the pilots can’t get enough. In which case: It’s perfect.

Outsourcing photo selection and editing to the Middle East would be the only logical explanation for this choice.

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