Thursday, November 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Socialists Outline Democrats' Agenda for Next Two Years

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Socialists Outline Democrats' Agenda for Next Two Years: Loudon
Stop Blaming Grover. Stand and Fight.: AmSpec
The Incestuous Bleeding of the Republican Party: RS

WH: Send Us Videos of Yourselves Calling for Higher Taxes: Powers
Mediocre House Committee Chairmen Selected: RS
Ted Cruz’s First Decision is a Huge Deal: RS

Susan Rice Is Unqualified To Be Secretary Of State: IBD
The Ignoble Return of Alan Grayson: MB
IL: Convicted child predator likely to win Congress: NakedDC


Obamacare Health Exchanges Won’t Work: P&F
"Poverty" pays better than middle-class employment: Events
A Laffer Curve Warning about the Economy and Tax Revenue: Cato

Health Care Law Pushes Employers to Cut Hours: FreeEnt
Democrats' "Fair Share of Taxes" Argument is a Fraud: Lid
Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy: Coulter

Obama Sets GOP Trap With Fiscal Cliff Strategy: IBD
DC Takes Top Honors -- for Worst Graduation Rate in U.S.: CNS
Out-of-control government wants to attack the 401(k): IBD

Scandal Central

Analysis Of Obama’s Benghazigate Cover-up: NoisyRm
CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson tries to untangle twisted trail of Benghazi talking points: Twitchy
Justice Dept, House Seek to Resolve ‘Fast and Furious’ Suit: Mason County Daily

Climate & Energy

Wavering: Obama Signs Anti-Carbon Tax Bill: Breitbart
Green Energy Stimulus Bankruptcies Come in All Sizes: NLPC


Associated Press Paints Murders in Benghazi as Mere 'PR Disaster': Breitbart
Pushing Conservatives Off the Fiscal Cliff : Bozell
Krauthammer’s Take: Any Republican Who Caves on Entitlements ‘Is a Fool’: NRO

L.A. Times Covers SWATting on Front Page: Patterico
Lefties 'Discover' That Susan Rice Has 'Conflict of Interest' Energy Investments: NB
After silence, Jill Kelley defends herself: ArmyTimes

Is the Enemy Us?: Berlinski
Poll: Americans Who Believe Economy Will Worsen Jumps 27 Points Since Obama Reelected: CNS
Conservatives Must Learn the Dark Arts of Image Manipulation: AT


Beauty Queen Died With Gun in Hand: Borderland
30 Tennessee counties received bomb threats Tuesday: Creeping
27 indicted in Mexican Mafia gang extortion case in Ventura County: KABC

Indebted Dragon: The Ponzi Scheme Driving China's Construction Economy: Mish
Militant Muslims Cutting Out Tongues: Gatestone
Generals Smuggled Maps, Compasses, Real Money to German-Held POWs Via "Monopoly": Ace

T-ball war in the Middle East: Hanson
Michelle Malkin: Egyptian Islamists are playing America’s leaders for fools: Scoop
Egypt’s ‘moderate’ despot: Goldberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Subcompact Publishing: CraigMod
Stop UN Control of the Internet: Morris
Biggest black hole blast discovered: New observations reveal most powerful quasar outflow ever found:


Angry White Dude's Five Favorite Self-Defense Guns: AWD
The girl who grew Lincoln's beard: TheWeek
Oops: White House holiday treats for reporters remind us that yes, Obama ate a dog: Twitchy

Image: Evidence Obama paid to join Democrat Socialist 'New Party'
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Sondrakistan

QOTD: "Next week, the United Nations’ attempt to take over the Internet will kick into high gear when the International Telecommunications Union meets in Dubai with representatives from 193 countries to craft a new governing structure for the Internet. The meetings are expected to last two weeks.

If you haven’t heard about this issue, there’s a reason. The negotiators have kept the tightest possible lid on their discussions to prevent word of the regulatory proposals from leaking out...

...But the first reports are horrific. Vinton Cerf, one of the founders of the Web and currently a vice-president of Google, warns, “The open Internet has never been at higher risk than it is now.” He adds, “If all of us do not pay attention to what’s going on, users worldwide will be at risk of losing the open and free Internet.”

The very concept of U.N. control of the Web is horrible. The U.N. is corrupt and biased in favor of authoritarian regimes. But this particular regulatory proposal is even worse. It takes the leading force for democracy in the world today — the Internet — and could transform it into an instrument for propaganda and oppression..." --Dick Morris

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K-Bob said...

That article on subcompact publishing is disturbing. Looks more like an attempt to claim responsibility for a wave of design changes to EVERYTHING that is already underway, thanks to Apple and Google design.

Tons of places use very simple design like this guy writes about. Tumblr, for example. Smallerpage, too.

And why does it take so much to describe? Looks more like a patent application.

Maybe I'm feeling grumpy today. But it always bugs me when someone jumps in front of a parade.