Sunday, November 18, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Harry Reid’s Benghazi Cover-Up

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Harry Reid’s Benghazi Cover-Up: RSM
Petraeus Testimony: Someone Changed CIA Talking Points Memo: Cove
The truth about military spending: AEI

Obama Won, Don't Complain: Parks
Public Relations and Media Bias Against Israel: RWN
Did Eric Holder or Robert Mueller Scrub "Al Qaeda" Out of the Talking Points?: Ace

Tribal America: NRO
Rubio defends Romney comment: DC
Geithner: We should definitely just get rid of the debt ceiling: Hot Air


Since Obama’s reelection: over 100,000 layoffs at 125 businesses: FAM
California is Destroying Itself. The U.S. is Next.: CFP
GDP Growth Manipulation?: CDN

Illinois scheduled to be set on fire next year.: Moe Lane
How greedy public employee unions bankrupted a California city: C4P
Bakers Union President: We Knew Hostess Could Die: GWP

Scandal Central

House Questions Use of Secret Email Accounts by Administration: CDN
FISHY – Allen West recount finalization delayed until tomorrow morning: Scoop
Colorado Counties Have More Voters Than People: RS (9/4/12)


Politico's Cirilli, Others Ignore Heavy Democrat Involvement in Hostess Ownership and Management: NB
Rival Of Petraeus Mistress May Be A Spy: Western
Like ABC, NPR snobs laugh at shutdown of Hostess: NB

Deneen Borelli – “Blacklash: Freeing Americans from the Liberal Plantation”: AIM
Thoughts on Retrenching: Ace
ABC's Amanpour Suggests Israel Caused Too Many Civilian Casualties in 2009 Gaza War: NB


It starts: Obama 'urging' Netanyahu not to allow ground invasion: Matzav
Dispatch From Israel: MagFarm
Obama Funding $1 Billion in Infrastructure Projects…in Hamas-run Gaza: Creeping

Stratfor Update On Gaza, Israel, And Hezbollah: ZH
Video: Pali Man Fakes Injury in Gaza Caught on Tape: Jawa
Israel strikes media buildings in Gaza, expanding its range of targets: WaPo

Hamas' Confounding Motivation: IPT
How Hamas Acquires Weapons: Breitbart
Netanyahu: IDF prepared to widen Gaza operations: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds: Register
Kim Dotcom’s plan to give New Zealanders free internet could just work: NextWeb
NASA Discovers Most Distant Galaxy In Known Universe: Slashdot


The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog: DeadSpin
What Me Worry?: AmDigest
Parasites Kill Their Own Hostess: iOTW

Image: Jawa Report
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QOTD: "The conceit of Obama's argument is that people are picking on a helpless girl -- a lowly U.N. ambassador -- because they are afraid of the big bad president.

Oh, please.

President Obama, incredibly, claimed that he was "happy to have the discussion" about Benghazi.


Because every time anyone asks the president about Benghazi he claims he can't say anything because there is an investigation going on. The State Department actually said at one point that they would no longer take questions on the issue from reporters.

Senator Graham's response to the president's revelations and accusations at the press conference was exactly right: He said, "Mr. President, don't think for one minute I don't hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi."

The president says he is ready to talk about this? Great. We are all ears." --Kirsten Powers

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