Friday, November 16, 2012

NOT KIDDING: The Most Terrifying Obama Quote Ever

The hubris of this president truly knows no bounds:

Speaking to reporters Wednesday in the East Room of the White House for the first full-fledged press briefing since March, President Obama was asked if he would be willing to accept closing tax loopholes and limiting deductions instead of a tax rate increase on Americans making over $250,000 per year. Mr. Obama responded: "When it comes to the top 2 percent, what I'm not going to do is extend further a tax cut for those who don't need it."

As the president concluded remarks on upcoming "fiscal cliff" negotiations with Congress, he said: "Are we going to hold the middle class hostage?" The implication by Mr. Obama is that the wealthy are holding the middle class "hostage" if they are allowed to keep money they legally earned, but "don't need."


A married couple -- an attorney and a nurse who together earn $280,000-a-year -- with a special needs child and $150,000 in student loans...

Another couple -- who own a dry-cleaner, work 75-hour weeks, and gross $350,000 while employing four others...

A single, biomedical engineer -- who earns $225,000-a-year and spends her spare-time working on a breakthrough medical device because she wants to build her own company...

They are all members of the "top 2 percent"...

And they don't need the money! They don't need it, because Obama believes he is entitled to confiscate it and then redistribute it to his favorite constituencies! His campaign bundlers, union bosses, crony capitalist pals, and eco-Statists... they all deserve it more than the people who actually toiled, sweated, and earned it.

Have you ever heard such a thing from a president?

Terrifying. Outrageous. Un-American.

And without an election to worry about, I believe we will see Mr. Obama unleash his inner Alinsky. And it will take a well-deserved impeachment to stop him.


Reaganite Independent said...

Glorified street thug


QueMan said...

"is that the wealthy are holding the middle class "hostage" if they are allowed to keep money they legally earned, but "don't need."

I guess an extra $500 dollars I will soon loose every two weeks to feed its following means that I don't need it as well...and who is the wealthy??? In marysland those that make over $100k a year...

But you have to remember this isn't the first time these sick liberals have done this. fdr decided that anyone with gold and silver must give it to the federal government for prices less than the market during the GREAT DEPRESSION...and then screaming about profiling today they decided to IMPRISON hundreds of thousand American's with slanted eyes during WWII!!!

Times may be changing folks but they remain the same as the past...we never learn...

Anonymous said...

Every time I've heard him say that - and the far WORSE version - "Didn't ask for and don't need" - I want to SCREAM.

What the hell are we, supplicants? Subjects? IF WE (lawfully) EARN IT IT'S OURS AND NOT SUBJECT TO MORAL JUDGEMENT.

He talks all the time about needing to provide middle class with good wages, enough to educate kids, and secure retirement. Well, unless he means "me not thee" and we're entitled to work for the SAME LEVEL that the Obama family has achieved, THEN WE NEED THE DAMNED MONEY.

They send their daughters to $40k per year school. THAT'S $80k per year. Then there's their alma-maters: Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, NOT CHEAP.

You would EASILY need EVERY FRICKIN' PENNY you earn at or above $250k to pay JUST FOR SCHOOL for your children, NEVER MIND retirement.

Frickin' HATE these people.