Monday, November 26, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Don't Give Up

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Don't Give Up: Sultan Knish
Surprising No One, Lindsey Graham Pledges To Violate Prior Pledge: Ace
From Healthcare to Holocaust: NewAm

US chooses stability over democracy in Egypt: Commentator
Hamas Cease-Fire For Kids: R&R
Another shameless power grab coming from MA Dems?: Sarah

Shifra’s Reflections on the Election: Bruce
States Choose Own Paths With One-party Governments: Barone
DHS Flushes Away Almost Half a Billion on Unused Radios: MB


ObamaCare Stupifies Your Doctor Visits: Hideout
Get Ready For The Regulatory Cliff: LoneCon
Physician’s New Reality: Patients Ask Me to Break the Law: PJM

Scandal Central

Are we really facing a regulatory onslaught?: Hot Air
The Problem With Susan Rice: RCP
DNI Director Draws Benghazi Cover-Up Short Straw: Forbes

GOP warns it will shut down Senate if Reid uses nuclear option: WZ
Sandy Victim Obama Promised “Immediate Help” In Iconic Photo Still Hasn’t Received Any Help: WZ
A Starting Line And A Dump: Staten Island, The Forgotten Borough: SuicideGirls

Climate & Energy

Where CO2 comes from: Power Line
UN Climate Change Thieves Gather in Qatar: CFP


Hoax Claiming Walmart Heiress Supported Friday Protests Fools USA Today: NB
Stacy McCain Closes the Trap: DTG
Richard Grenell slams NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ for using biased MSNBC personalities as ‘analysts’: Twitchy

FDL's Kevin Gosztola Wanted Bush-Cheney War Crimes Prosecutions But Gives Obama a Pass: AmPower
Kirsten Powers: Rice Nomination May be Obama’s Undoing: Nice Deb
Americans react to Pravda mockery of “illiterate” Obama voters: Twitchy

The Diplomat: a Creepy Photograph: Hawkins
Whoopi Retweets Massacre Lie About Israel: Breitbart
ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Sue CA School District: RWN


Why did Obama broker a victory for Hamas?: Power Line
Israel to strike ships carrying Iranian arms to Gaza: Matzav
First jet lands on Chinese aircraft carrier: ArmyTimes

Why there are no bomb shelters in Gaza: Commentator
Hamas TV Airs 'Death to Israel!' Music Video Day After Agreeing to Ceasefire: WS
Iranian Blogger Who Criticized Government Tortured To Death In Prison: Atlas

Ahmadinejad again calls to "wipe Israel off the map": JihadWatch
Bolton: Obama’s blindness to what motivates Egyptian President Morsi is a “bad, bad sign”: Scoop
Fire Kills 112 Workers Making Clothes for US Brands: ABC

Sci-Tech (courtesy

The Business Of Commercial Exploit Development: Dark Reading
Reuse an old router to bridge devices to your wireless network: CNet
What is your body worth?: DataGenetics


Can America Handle the Truth?: Western
A Bucket-full of Thanks!: MOTUS
Around the Star Trek world in 150 years: Ars Technica

Image: BigLeadSports - R.I.P. Hector Camacho
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Diogenes' Middle Finger

QOTD: "...doctors will be obligated — that’s right, obligated — to talk to you about things you may have no interest or need to talk about.

You may just want to have a pap smear or check your cholesterol. However, I am now mandated by the government to talk to you about your weight, exercise, family life, smoking, sexual abuse(!), and even to ask if you wear seat belts. And I am mandated to record your answers." --Dr. Peter Weiss


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

A suggested response to your doctor on those intrusive questions: "Doc, are you writing all this down? 'Cause I want to be sure that whoever's reviewing this 'confidential doctor-patient conversation' understands EXACTLY what I'm trying to say here. ALL THAT SH-- IS NONE OF MY GOVERNMENT'S GO- DA-- FU----- BUSINESS. You wrote it down exactly as I spoke it, right? Thank you, and no offense intended, doc..."

By the way, a couple I know (they recently changed doctors) told me that another question they were asked is "Are there any guns in the house?" Not sure if that was the new doc's own initiative, or if it's part of the mandatory probing that's replaced the quaint notion of "doctor-patient confidentiality".

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Thank You for the Honor, Larwyn!