Thursday, November 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Petraeus and the Failure of American Intelligence

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Petraeus and the Failure of American Intelligence: Spengler
Obama and Petraeus: Conspiracy Theory--or Occam's Razor?: BlackFive
Bogus Benghazi Timeline Gets Even More Confusing: Malkin

Why Did Cantor Protect Obama?: AIM
Obama Gears Up to Crack Down on Being White: MB
HHS Head Sebelius Subpoenaed Over Lobbying for Obamacare: RtPlanet

Oh, we forgot to tell you …: Hanson
Communist Teachers Openly Plan Destruction of USA: MB
Newt Gingrich nominated for Speaker of the House: Scoop


Obama Tax Hikes On Rich Would Shrink Economy, Jobs: IBD
Republicans Have Already Lost Fight on Fiscal Cliff: RWN
Surprise: Obama 'balance' means more spending, higher taxes: Exam

Price gouging? Chris Christie already talking about raising taxes: WyBlog
Obama's 'mandate' math to raise taxes doesn’t add up: RedAlert
For House GOP, millionaire tax isn’t off the table: Politico

Scandal Central

Senators call for special Libya probe, Petraeus agrees to testify: Fox
Busted: ACORN Successor Funneled Money Against West: ClashDaily
FL sends auditors to investigate West vote fraud: Fox

Gee, sorry you died of ovarian cancer--but here's your free birth control: WF
Obama Named Holly Petraeus to $187,605-Per-Year Job: CNS
House GOP Finds Corzine Guilty Of MF Global Collapse; Dems Refuse To Endorse Findings: ZH

Climate & Energy

The Full Script for Matt Damon’s UAE-Funded Anti-Fracking Film: Foundry


The Numbers Game: Sultan Knish
AP's Final Report on October Deficit Equates Bush and Obama Deficits, Blames Wars: Blumer
Uh oh. Nancy Pelosi’s Offended by Age Question: CDN

GOP needs to leave Bush era behind including and especially Karl Rove: Scoop
Washington Post Reboots, Names New Executive Editor: AIM
Democrat-ruled Oakland, California, targets news crews: Bookworm

Who will explain to this child why her family was destroyed?: Matzav
Please help the New York Times make up its mind: Matzav
Graham to Obama: You Failed as Commander in Chief Before, During, and After Benghazi: Tatler


IDF Hitting Terror Sites in Gaza: Matzav
Obama: I Made Susan Rice Talk to the American People About Benghazi: WS
Best. Analysis. Of. French. Politics. EVER.: Q&O

Israel Bombarded by Rockets, Human Rights Watch Nowhere in Sight: Gatestone
Timeline of Gaza-Israel Cross-Border Violence: CAMERA
We’d Get a Fairer Election in Zimbabwe: GoV

Lockdown in Sderot: GoV
Southern Israel under fire, air force strikes terrorist targets in Gaza: Times of Israel
Israeli police say 3 Israelis killed in Gaza rocket attack on house in south: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Five-Hour Energy Linked to Heart Attacks, 'Spontaneous Abortion': AtlWire
Booze calories nearly equal soda's for US adults: AP
Scores isolated after new Ebola outbreak in Uganda: AP


BENGHAZI 1 Million Twitter Bomb White House Press: FreeWork
Getting Ready for the Big Dance: MOTUS
Our blog friends in Israel: LI

Image: Muqata Blog
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: BENGHAZI 1 Million Twitter Bomb White House Press

QOTD: "After four years of strategic withdrawal, and the prospect of another four with the new “flexibility” that President Obama promised then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev over a mike accidentally left open last March, the world’s secondary powers are left to their own devices. Every one of them will play a double game.

• Israel will make its own decision as to whether to attack Iran’s nuclear capacity, on the strength of military criteria that outsiders are poorly prepared to judge;
• Russia will threaten to arm Iran with its best surface-to-air missiles while negotiating with Israel;
• China will maintain its alliance with Pakistan but deal ruthlessly with Pakistani-supported Muslim separatists in Xinjiang, the so-called East Turkistan;
• Turkey will threaten Iran over its intervention with Syria while bartering billions of dollars in gold to the Islamic Republic each month to help it beat the boycott;
• Saudi Arabia will continue to fund Turkey as a bulwark against Iran while sabotaging Turkey’s efforts to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Syria; and
• Germany will affirm its commitments to Europe and North Atlantic Treaty Organization while quietly diversifying its energy sources towards Russia.

The screens are flickering out. Our intelligence services will not know what is happening, because no-one will perceive a need to tell them. There will be no penalty for ignoring the United States. We are flying blind, because we did not wish to see." --Spengler

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