Monday, November 12, 2012

BESIDES FEWER HANDOUTS, THAT IS: The real reason Romney lost?

Harold emails:

Fox had this question buried in the exit polls in Ohio.

Who is more to blame for the nation's
current economic problems?

                   Total   Obama   Romney
                           Voters  Voters
Barack Obama         40%      7%     91%
George W. Bush       51%     87%     12%

Sample: 1165 respondents

Same general result in VA, FL, WI, and FL.

In my view, this simple perception is the reason Romney lost in 2012, and not really any other. Soak that in a little while and then tell me if I’m wrong.

I think there may be some merit to this line of reasoning. What say you, gentle readers?

p.s., And for you Destructocrats reading along, try educating yourself for a change, in this case about the genesis of the housing crisis.


Anonymous said...

It is sure something to hold onto. Honestly though, I find myself so desperate to convince myself that we haven't reached the tipping point and the whole thing is hopeless, that I don't trust my own judgement.

Anonymous said...

I find I hsve to agree with the above comment we are so close to the edge that we are precariously balancing

The Elephant's Child said...

Barack Obama has spent 4 years telling Americans that the financial crisis was caused by George Bush, that He-Obama, bailed out the auto industry. That the recession was the worst since the Great Depression, that he had created 4.5 million jobs and the economy is recovering, just not fast enough, and he just needs more time. He killed bin Laden and al Qaeda has been decimated. I think they used to call it "the Big Lie" tell it often enough and people will believe it.