Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rep. Adam Kinzinger tries to teach Bill Kristol about conservatism, fails

Kinzinger makes a valiant effort, but explaining conservatism to a Beltway hack like Kristol is akin to teaching calculus to a cow:


All this haggling over a tax rate made me realize one thing... We have failed to explain what conservatism really means.

Immigrants who have come here since Reagan have never had a strong spokesman for conservatism, and in a world where the prevailing worldview is through a spectrum of government, this concept is insanely foreign.

I don't care what tax rates are, they are all random number[s] derived from haggling and negotiations. What I want is a small government with a strong and fierce military that can kill our enemies and break their toys, legitimate safety nets that provide food and not a way of life, and some roads and bridges. Put that vision into action and set the tax rates at a percent that covers those costs. And once you have our payment, leave us the hell alone. That my friend, is conservatism.

The musings of a soon to be sophomore congressman.

Adam Kinzinger

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Kristol's shrill cry to raise taxes on the businesses that employ more than half of the private sector proves that he is both an economic illiterate and an intellectual lightweight.

Kristol isn't a conservative: he's an entertainer -- and a piss-poor one at that.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hacks we are saddled with. DC does not the world make...why in the world would we listen to one thing any of them say.

benning said...

Raise taxes by removing special tax breaks ... and begin in Hollywood. Then move on to the rich Blue States.

Otherwise the tax-raisers can STFU. Kinziger is right. :)