Friday, November 09, 2012


Free food stamps -- eh, I mean, EBT Cards -- for everyone!

As economist Milton Friedman observed, "You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state."

At least not without a societal collapse, that is.


Reaganite Republican said...

A virtual ball-n-chain, candy-coated by the Santa Claus regime

J E Carter II said...

I've started working on some public service announcement and opinion changing memes. We need to make "Reduce Welfare Use" the new "Women's suffrage" or "civil rights" movement.

I made three the other night just finding stock photos and writing a statement at the top about how existing government expenditures are being properly used in the photo, and at the bottom pointing out that the reader has a responsibility to reduce their own welfare use for the proper use shown to be effective.

The first was a picture of college grads, so I used Pell Grants as topic. "Pell grands are helping them become self sufficient." "Become self sufficient and protect Pell grants. - Reduce Welfare Use"

The second was a stock photo of an army commander shaking the hand of a subordinate as they both smile. The first line: "He takes pride in protecting your freedom." The bottom: "Take pride in protecting his job. - Reduce Welfare Use".

The third was a close up of a smile of a mixed race individual. "I used to think taking welfare was the good life." "Now I have a job, and I take pride and joy in defining myself instead of letting welfare defining me. - Reduce Welfare Use".

The flip side of this is engaging local chamber of commerce to get their members to stop accepting EBT cards. Only grocers and second hand clothiers should have a legitimate need to accept EBT cards. By accepting them, businesses are furthering an economic model that will bankrupt them and their paying customers in the future. The accept EBT now as easy money but will lose it themselves later.

So I think we need to take a two pronged approach to changing peoples minds. We are not likely to get rid of food stamps, but we can encourage people to step up and become more self sufficient, taking hold of the promise of hard work and self directed destiny. Attaching a stigma to welfare is not needed - we have to illuminate the more excellent path so that welfare can be there for those who truly need it - the truly disabled, the truly destitute, the aged and infirm.

As I have been saying - we can't let it become acceptable to turn the safety net into a gravy train.