Thursday, November 08, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Don’t Blame Romney, And Don’t Blame The Campaign…

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Scandal Central

The Holes in the CIA’s Benghazi Timeline: Foundry
House Committee to Hold Hearing on Benghazi Attack, Top Obama Intelligence Officials Will Testify: Blaze
CBS’ Benghazi Timeline Gives the Word “Deceitful” New Meaning: Sentinel

Climate & Energy

GOP Senate Group Warns Against EPA’s New Restriction Outburst After Elections: MyDesert


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Sci-Tech (courtesy

President Obama's Unfinished Business: BankInfoSecurity
Looking Old May Be A Sign Of Heart Trouble.: Instapundit
The Rise of Social Salespeople: Forbes


The Day After: MOTUS
October Revolution: This Time We Can Make It Work!: Cube
The Day After: Obama Unbound: Camp of the Saints

Image: MOTUS
QOTD: "At a low point in the fortunes of the Tory Party, Disraeli said, “The pendulum swings.” It does indeed, but it is not going to swing back to limited-government republicanism any time soon; in fact such republicanism has for some time been effectively dead in California, New York, and the other arrantly blue states. Nor, to judge from yesterday’s election, is such republicanism especially vibrant in middle-of-the-road states like Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado. Put it another way: only once since the 1980s has a Republican candidate won a greater number of votes in a presidential election than the Democratic candidate (Bush in 2004).

Defeat offers clarity. If we had any doubts as to our position, yesterday’s election put an end to them. Those of us who continue to oppose the fiscal and constitutional overreach of the modern social state now find ourselves in the wilderness.

Insofar as politics are concerned, the best the center-right in America can do, in the foreseeable future, is to act as a check on folly in the political arena, and in doing so hope to prove Macaulay wrong when he said that the American Republic would fail because the poor would plunder the rich and increase the country’s distress by devouring the “seed-corn” of future growth.

At the same time, conservatives ought to recognize that our deeper problems ... are cultural, not political, and are therefore not susceptible of a political solution. The social state was intended to be such a solution: but even were its ever-expanding programs fiscally sustainable, its ideal of social welfare would still be paltry substitute for the older, better approach to the good life it was meant to replace." --Michael Knox Beran


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Believe it or not there is actually good news out of the 2012 Presidential Race for the GOP. We list 5 items...

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