Saturday, November 08, 2008

Creepy Obama iconography still showing up post-election

During this marathon of an election season, the mainstream media occasionally observed that the cult-like atmosphere permeating Barack Obama's campaign was "creepy".

TIME magazine's Joe Klein saying that there was "something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism" of Obama's speech on Super Tuesday. ABC's Jake Tapper took up the joke, blogging: "The Holy Season of Lent is upon us...

Can Obama worshippers try to give up their Helter-Skelter cult-ish qualities for a few weeks?" New York Times columnist Paul Krugman claimed last week that "the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality."

...Citing the star-studded "Yes We Can" music video as evidence of this cult worship, another Times columnist, David Brooks, quipped recently that the "escalating states of righteousness and ecstasy" in the clip would soon translate to "selling flowers at airports and arranging mass weddings."

I was hoping that the ubiquitous Obama "evil eye" logo would make a hasty exit after the president-elect's victory.

No such luck. (I think that's the name they prefer) is hawking bizarre stickers that look like a cross between a faux Kashmirian rug and a 1968 pack of rolling papers.

But that's probably the look they're going for.

I'm gonna get a really, really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach if the Obama "eye" logo starts appearing on armbands.

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