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Gore Effect strikes again! Giant DC snowstorm, bizarre cold temps to greet 'largest public protest of global warming ever in U.S.'

Update: The forecast has grown worse: DC under Winter Storm Warning: DC faces up to 1 foot of snow, bitter cold, blowing and drifting snow

The 'Gore Effect' strikes again: this time Mother Nature will sabotage NASA's token crackpot James Hansen.

Hansen, of course, is the same Climatard (I hear that's the term they prefer) who calls for "civil disobedience" to protest the use of coal.

Never mind that more than half of America's electricity is produced by coal. Never mind the numbing March temperatures. Never mind the unseasonable snow.

We've got faux science to promote!

NASA's chief climate scientist is in hot water with colleagues and at least one lawmaker after calling on citizens to engage in civil disobedience at what is being billed as the largest public protest of global warming ever in the United States.

In a video on, Dr. James Hansen is seen urging Americans to "take a stand on global warming" during the March 2 protest at the Capitol Power Plant in Southeast Washington, D.C. "We need to send a message to Congress and the president that we want them to take the actions that are needed to preserve climate for young people and future generations and all life on the planet," says Hansen, who has likened coal-fired power plants to "factories of death" and claims he was muzzled by the Bush administration when he warned of drastic climate changes...

But critics say Hansen's latest call to action blurs the line between astronomer and activist and may violate the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from participating in partisan political activity. "Oh my goodness," one of Hansen's former supervisors, Dr. John Theon, told when informed of the video. "I'm not surprised ... The fact that Jim Hansen has gone off the deep end here is sad because he's a good fellow." "Why he has not been fired I do not understand," Theon said.

Marc writes that "The Gore Effect" has a long and storied history.

What follows is a sampling of how Mother Nature enjoys ridiculing promoters of the global warming scam.

The Gore Effect: Politico, November 2008

First October snow since 1922 blankets London as global warming bill debated: Register, October 2008

Global Warming Vote on Snowy Day in Washington - Senate committee debates expensive climate change bill as snow blankets D.C.: Business and Media, December 2007


NOT AGAIN! DC 'Snow Advisory' Issued on Day of Congressional Global Warming Hearing: Times, March 2007

Gore decries 'global warming' in bitterly cold NYC: WND, December 2006

Gore delivers environmental message at Harvard ...with near 125-year record breaking low temps: MOTLS, October 2008

Global warming activists urged to focus on Earth Day rallies and ignore snow as it 'piles up outside our windows': Alarmism, April 17, 2007

No Joke! Cyclists 'braved freezing cold temps' to promote global warming awareness in New York: WKTV, October 22, 2008

Global warming protest in Maryland frosted with snow: Baltimore Sun, January 2008

Global warming rally in the snow: Alarmism, April 2007

Snow won't dampen global-warming rallies: Live Daily, April 2007

Brrrr - Obama to global warming demonstrators: 'This is probably not the weather to hold up those's a little chilly today', Space Daily, October 28, 2008

Global Warming Awareness Walk Braves Snow Storm: Nashua Telegraph, March 2007

The Gore Effect, Cont. - Gore speaks in Italy during 'rare' cold and snow: Planet Gore

Climate protest canceled 'due to rain and cold': Telegraph (Australia), Nov. 23, 2008

Gee, I wonder what temperature was the "correct" one on Earth before Al Gore and the UN figured out how to profit from the Warming Grift?

Update: Global Warming and Climate Change in Perspective: Truths and Myths About Carbon Dioxide, Scientific Consensus, and Climate Models: Statement to the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee by William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics Princeton University, made on February 25, 2009.

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