Thursday, November 05, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Rolls Dice, Craps Out in New Jersey

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Election 2009

Lessons from the 2009 election results: Barone
What it all means: Wizbang
The Significance of Yesterday: Grand Rants

The Price Of Apostasy: Wizbang
Divided party: Progressives threaten Dems: Examiner
Small Unpopular Fringe Party Wins In Virginia: LegalIns

Obama craps out in New Jersey: PJM (Wertz)
Forget the 2-1 Spin; It Was a Rout: AT (Wright)


AARP sells out seniors: Malkin
The discrete charm of the left wing plutocracy: Hanson
Another Democrat Utopia: BlogProf

The Great Mystery: AT (McCann)
The GOP's Much Better Plan: Boehner
Obama's revolving door always open to Podestas: Examiner

Pelosi's $6 billion slush fund: Examiner
The Worst Bill Ever: WSJ
Obama-Pelosi to Health Insurers: Shut Up or We'll Shut You Down: AT


After a flurry of stimulus spending, questionable projects pile up: Examiner
Prayer is another insanity in ObamaCare: Kesler
Goldman's Perfect Record: 63-to-1: Zero Hedge

Cut in Half Overnight: InTrade Odds for Health Care: Carpe Diem
Dem math: Wage hikes counted as 'jobs saved': BlogProf
An option for the public: Less government, more choice: Jacoby


John Stossel Gets the Treatment: Verum Serum
Palin book tour begins Nov. 18: AP
Last night's big loser: the Washington Post: Examiner

Peace group" gears up for exciting talk by McClatchy reporter: McClatchy Watch
AP Screws The Pooch On Kennedy, Vietnam & Afghanistan: Kesler
"V" TV Series Mocks the Kool-Aid Drinkers: GWP

Climate & Energy

$4,500 to save 1 MPG: Surber
Captain Carbon Admits Inconvenient Truth: AGW Is A Religion: Soylent Green
Fossil Fuels Weren't Fossils: Surber


J Street - A Particularly Nasty Dead End To Be Avoided: JoshuaPundit
Indonesia bans its workers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan for mistreatment: Maktoob
Fatwa issued against Indian national song: PakTrib

Censored! The Truth About Hizb ut-Tahrir: PJM (Chesler)
The Turkey-Israel alliance is over: Rubin
The Missiles of October: WSJ

Hijackers of a religion: Corner
Gold Prices Hit Record High As India Moves Away From Dollar, Warns U.S. Economy Has 'Collapsed': GWP
British Mom: I will turn my kids into suicide bombers: Jawa


Hurt More: Crittenden


DMV Fun Time Activity Book: Doswell
Prejean Sex Tape Triggers Settlement: TMZ
Man dresses up as Breathalyzer with predictable results: JWF

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