Tuesday, May 07, 2013

LEADERSHIP: Obama blames Bush for his inaction in Syria

And isn't buck-passing the mark of a true leader?

Last year Barack Obama repeatedly warned that chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime against its own people would be a “game changer” [and crossing a "red line"]. But despite evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons, thus far Obama has not acted.

Today Obama blamed Bush for his inaction.
We have evidence that there has been the use of chemical weapons inside Syria. But, I don’t make decisions based on ‘perceived.’ And, I can’t organize coalitions around ‘perceived.’ We tried that in the past, by the way, and it didn’t work out well.

It’s Bush’s fault.

I, for one, blame the Militant Quakers.

Hat tips: BadBlue News and MStreeter (cartoon).


Jim - PRS said...

The Punk just can't help himself.

TheFineReport.com said...

Usually presidents personally grow in high office. This bozo is actually regressing.

Jefferson Ohio said...

Have a feeling our President is emotionally 11 years old?