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Looks like John Edwards was right: there really are two Americas.

There's the Beltway ruling class. And the rest of us.

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Reliapundit said...

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which opposes plans to legalize the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants, said Gowdy's appointment means the GOP isn't about to cave in.

"What it suggests is that the House Republicans aren't going to allow themselves to be stampeded by this amnesty panic because Gowdy is pretty hawkish on immigration," Krikorian said.

Gowdy opposed the Obama administration's decision to grant deferred deportations to some young illegal immigrants. He co-sponsored a law titled the "Prohibiting Back-door Amnesty Act" aimed at reversing that decision. And he co-sponsored a bill that would have stopped the Department of Justice from suing states such as Arizona, Alabama and South Carolina that passed tough illegal immigration laws.

His brief record earned him a grade of "A-" from NumbersUSA, a group that wants to lower levels of legal and illegal immigration.

Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a group that supports a plan giving the country's illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship, said Gowdy's appointment will make it harder for Republicans who want to restore the party's standing with Hispanic voters.

"If the Republican Party wants to get right on immigration reform that puts 11 million immigrants on the road to citizenship, I suspect they'll have to go around (Gowdy) or over him," Sharry said.

directorblue said...

Hey, Gowdy's the one speaking out on "DREAMers".

Check it.

Reliapundit said...

i disagree with the great one and you, respectfully.

don't make the perfect the enemy f the good.

trey is a good man.

and without the senate, we need to pick our fights.

i also think the ryan deal was the right political move given the landscape at the present time.

had the gop not obscurred obamacare with a budget fight it wasn't going to win, we'd have won the governorship of VA.

kudlow was right:

luvya! and levin!

Anonymous said...

If Gowdy is a RINO, prove it. Put up or shut up.

directorblue said...

Anon 12:41: the blue text is what we call "links". Try clicking on them.
Here's another:

Daily Caller.

Reliapundit said...


veryone acknowledges that Ryan-Murray is not a great deal. The fact is, its passage will avoid a government shutdown. That’s crucial.

If the GOP wants to retake the Senate and hold the House in 2014, the key issues must be the catastrophic pitfalls of Obamacare and better economic growth. A shutdown would be a distraction. It would take the heat off President Obama, off Obamacare, and off all the Democrats who falsely promised that if you like your insurance and doctor, you can keep them.

Mr. Obama’s “like it, keep it” promise was just named the lie of the year in the annual PolitiFact survey. Reminding voters of that lie is much more important than a government shutdown — which would be blamed on Republicans anyway.

Millions more people will be uninsured over the next year than those who are newly insured. At the least, hundreds of thousands of people who thought they enrolled in Obamacare via the website will find out they are not enrolled. Sick people will lose their doctors and probably their hospitals. Healthy younger people will by and large boycott Obamacare.

In economic terms, Obamacare taxes and regulations are holding back business investing and hiring. ... Suffice it to say, those very flaws must be a key ingredient in a Republican takeover next November.

Sure, there are a lot of disappointments with Ryan-Murray. Even Ryan agrees. ...

.. if there’s a Republican Senate and House in 2015, chances of restoring a large measure of budget discipline are better than if the Republicans lose both houses.

The purest path for the budget talks would have been a clean bill keeping all the sequestration budget cuts. The votes were never there in the House. Defense hawks and others would have left that bill short by 40 to 50 Republican votes. Democrats would never have supported it. Hence the shutdown threat.

Mr. Ryan knew all this. So he went to work with Senator Murray on a common-ground compromise that pleased no one fully but at least temporarily got the job done and took the shutdown off the table. In my view, the GOP got the better of this deal. The spending increases are tiny, and there are no income-tax hikes. The sequester itself is not dead. A costly extension of unemployment insurance never made it in the bill.

... The overall numbers are palatable, with $63 billion in higher spending, $85 billion in so-called fees and other spending cuts, and possible a net deficit reduction of $25 billion.

It’s a political solution, not a fiscal one.

But Senate Republicans could be on the verge of a big political mistake. Senator McConnell is leading the charge to vote against this deal. He may have a lot of support. But with all due respect, this is a hypocritical position. It was Mr. McConnell and other GOP senators who trashed Senators Cruz and Lee and House Republicans over the defunding shutdown last summer. Now Mr. McConnell wants a shutdown? Makes no sense.

Fortunately for Republicans, the Obamacare disaster erased the political downside of the shutdown. Paul Ryan understands this. And the really strong Ryan budget — which he put forth in recent years, and includes entitlement and pro-growth tax reform — would have a lot better chance if Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and then claimed the White House in 2016. A small watering down of budget caps seems like a small price to pay on the road to controlling Washington.

... Meanwhile, in the run-up to next year’s election, he may have saved the GOP from itself.

Reaganite Independent said...
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Reaganite Independent said...

Another disappointing young GOP buck- at least on immigration

Reliapundit said...

i will make this very simple:

if we don't retake the us senate, then the country and the free world are sunk.

if we retake the senate, then everything is possible.

anything which helps us retake the senate is good.
anything which hurts our chances to retake the senate are bad.

cucinelli provers the shutdown hurt us and helped obama and his comrades.

let's not make similar mistakes between now and 11/2014.

the ryan deal helps us clear the decks and fight obama on gro8und we win on.

end of story.

directorblue said...

RP, with all due respect, the RINO establishment were the ones telling us only Romney could win.

Taking the Senate when one-third vote with the Democrats (McCain, Snowe, etc.) doesn't seem to advance the ball.

Conservatives do.

directorblue said...

Here's Daniel Horowitz on this:

Year of the Primaries

Reaganite Independent said...

Good stuff... thus, linked-

Anonymous said...

I think Gowdy is for perfect Einstein Dreamer amnesty after all these other things are sorted out. The drunks, gangs, drugsters are being caught and put in deportation proceedings. The number of perfect Einstein Dreamers is actually pretty low probably less than 3 or 4%. It seems like every dreamer on Capitol Hill protesting is studying Political Science or something useless. What the Democrats are proposing is 99% of them get approved.
I dont support Gowdy Amnesty lite if this is what he is trying.

But I think it is such a long way away it wont be an issue.

When Gowdy and Goodlatte try to pass the SAFE Act the Dems will scream "profiling". I hope this ends up with a huge infight with the GOP slowing down and killing any deal on immigration. The Republicans are pretty stupid in both directions. They will pass the SAFE Act without knowing whether it works with their hispandering logic.

Anonymous said...

Even more funny is that Cathy McMorris Rodgers who is probably the most open borders in leadership complained that Obama used executive edict. She and Paul Ryan are probably the two worst in leadership and smirk as they destroy the GOP.

"Just look at President Obama’s actions on Obamacare and immigration – he has been using unprecedented executive power to rule by decree"