Thursday, December 26, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: 2017 and the End of Ethics

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2017 and the End of Ethics: Victor Davis Hanson
Predictable: Obamacare Website Crashes on Deadline Day: Publius
Cover Oregon – Take two aspirin, and wait to hear from us: Leslie Eastman

Over 50% of counties in exchanges lack affordable health plans: RWN
Destroying healthcare, one form at a time: William A. Jacobson
2014 will be even worse for our president.: Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Into Year Six, Obama Admits He's Clueless: Joseph Curl
NYC considers ban on e-cigarettes just because they can: Douglas Ernst
Muslims at NYU mock Jesus, Christianity posing in iconic painting: LibRep


The Orphaned Middle Class: Victor Davis Hanson
Northwestern Hosts “Marxist Conference” With Teachers Union: Leslie Eastman
Santa Obama Drops a Lump of Coal on America: JWF

Age of Intolerance: Mark Steyn
Ducks, Gays and Steyn: Paul Mirengoff
Postal Service Loses M1 Carbine, Declares It A ‘Prohibited’ Item: Joe Grine

Scandal Central

Do Democrats really need to promote religious persecution?: Karin McQuillan
Your One Hour Guide To GOP Scandal #StafferGate: Lee Stranahan
Canadian Experts: Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation: WZ

Climate & Energy

Time to Stock Up on Incandescent Bulbs Before They Go Out Permanently: Foundry
EPA Appeals District Court Ruling to Exempt Farmyard Runoff From Discharge Permits: BNA
End of an Era as Smelter Closes in Missouri Town: Jim Salter


Capitalism Rocks!: Becca Lower
Seasoned MSM Journalist Asks: 'Time to Pull the Plug on MSNBC?': Tim Graham
Paul Harvey – Freedom to chains: M.D. Creekmore

Another Grim Milestone for LGF: 16000+ Banned: The Diary of Daedalus
Obviously, a Satire: R.S. McCain
7 Examples of Discrimination Against Christians in America: John Hawkins


Clinton Aide Was Meeting With Iran in July 2012: Lid
Obama Gives Iran the Bomb: Jed Babbin
Rank hypocrisy of European Union position on “occupation”: William A. Jacobson

Allahu Akbar and Ho Ho Ho: Daniel Greenfield
String of Palestinian Attacks Has Israel Jittery: Aron Heller
Cairo bomb blast hits bus near university: Amro Hassan, LAT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Your Range Report for a Christmas Eve: Daley Gator
Birth of a Concealed Carry Star — Glock 42: Day at the Range
Planes Going to 'Boneyard' Cited in Waste Report: Dayton Daily News/


I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day: Innocent Bystanders
Merry Christmas, Mr. Harrison: Ace o' Spades
The Biggest Overlooked Trends of 2013: Politico

Image: Cairo bomb blast hits bus near university
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "If in 2017 the chief executive urges his supporters to “punish our enemies,” what will be the media reaction?

Will the Los Angeles Times object should the next president borrow $6 trillion in his first term? If we have four more years of zero interest, will that policy be deemed reckless and inflationary?

The predictable answer, of course, to all these questions is, again, “It depends.” If a liberal like Hillary Clinton wins, then the same exemptions will almost surely continue, even in the absence of the race card. But if a conservative should be elected, then the old hypocrisy will reappear and we will be treated to the damnation of a Christie, Paul, Rubio, or Cruz as “the worst president ever” or an “amiable dunce” or one of the other sorts of boilerplate disparagement accorded Reagan and the two Bushes." --Victor Davis Hanson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If Christie, Paul, Rubio or Cruz are our only options for 2017 I say bring Hillary on. Let Dems complete the destruction so we can get on with rebuilding.

Two of the above are ineligible, one is a RINO and the other is out in left field. Some choices. If Republicans can't do any better than that list of weaklings we deserve to lose again.