Monday, December 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Federal Judge: Obama Partnership With Cartels Deeper Than Weapons

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Federal Judge: Obama/Cartel Partnership Deeper Than Weapons: Free Patriot
Amash: Obama ‘setting the stage for something very dangerous': Grae Stafford
Bigger, Badder NDAA 2014 Quietly Passed House and Senate: Activist Post

OR Exchange: If We Don't Call on Monday, Seek Coverage Elsewhere: WZ
The Psychology Of Gun Controllers: Herschel Smith
Obamacare goes unprotected – No enrollment Plan B: Mandy Nagy

Verily, It Is A Clusterduck: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Stopped in 80 Seconds: Armed Response, Not Gun Control: NRA-ILA
Let's start with a little Police State this morning...: III Percent


Serf City: Crockett Lives
Demand Socialist Health Care Now!: Western Rifles
The next Detroit? Atlantic City, Las Vegas facing collapse: MyFoxNY

Obama Christmas card reveals a zero at center of our government: Bookworm
Team Obama Cashing Out: James Oliphant
China Interest Rate Crisis: 7-Day Rate Doubles to 10% in a Week: Mish

Scandal Central

Ethnicity And Race Designations Required?: IBAA
Sex Predators Unleashed: Experts cash in on predator law: Sun-Sentinel
Transparency! Administration tries to stop federal judge from ruling on NSA legality: Poor Richard

Climate & Energy

Bringing Abuses By EPA to a Halt: Wheeling News-Register


So, Justine Finally Landed …: R.S. McCain
Two gay males to get married on 2014 Rose Parade float: FAM
Krauthammer: WH Will Ask For Bail Out Of Insurers After Ruining Them: WZ

Researcher Kathleen Geier Slams 'Very Privileged' Family Cancelled Under ObamaCare: American Power
Mordor Up Close: Erick Erickson
Amanda Knox makes me feel VIOLATED : Eyes For Lies


Iran Threatens To Retaliate If Senate Passes New Sanctions: WZ
Has Kerry Heard of the Palestinians' "Hitler"?: Khaled Abu Toameh
Former Eagles cheerleader now stars for Army: Gary Mihoces, USA TODAY Sports

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Using Tor Anonymously: Victory Girls
Board Game of the Year 2013 Runner-up: Pandemic: Pocket Tactics
The Weirdest Limos Of All Time: Jalopnik


VOTE: 2013 Toxic Queen of the Year – MALE and FEMALE: Gay Patriot
Is Barack Obama Using a Fake Soc. Sec. Number? Gov’t May Be Forced to Answer: Warner Todd Huston
Quote of the Day: SINTA

Image: From NFL Cheerleader to Army Intelligence Officer
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Want more like Ted Cruz in the Senate? Here's how to help.

QOTD: "Do we, as a Party, stand for something or not? Forfeiting away our future, breaking promises to our nation's Veterans and failing to acknowledge that we have accumulated a national debt larger than the value of everything we produce in the country in an entire year, is not governing, it's cowardice.

If today's Democratic Party wants to own debt, joblessness, big-govt medicine, and prioritizing those who have violated our laws over those who have shed blood defending what those laws represent, then they can have it. I will have no part of it.

I cannot and will not support a "managed decline". Sadly, those who wish to preserve their power at the expense of the country know no better. There is better, but when you are blinded by power "better" is only defined by your next election." --Dan Bongino

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