Sunday, December 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Utter Chaos: White House Exempts Millions From Obamacare Mandate

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Utter Chaos: White House Exempts Millions From Mandate: Instapundit
GOP Picks a Really Stupid Time to Abandon Limited Government: GayPatriot
Obamacare Is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes: James C. Capretta

27 Democrat senators who promised you could keep your coverage: Byron York
National Impeach Obama Protest in full swing (Photos): RWN
Recognizing the Problem, are we losing the war for Liberty?: Elohim Reigns

Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas have a lot in common: Mainfo
Four Arrested in NJ Mall Carjack Murder: JWF
When the president rewrites the laws: George Will

The Year of Lying Dangerously: Scott Johnson
Obamacare is Dead: Dick Morris
Oh, my: Sharpton protest devolves into Chicago Tea Party protest: Breitbart


Early returns: Top ten states for year-over-year job growth: David Freddoso
Ladies' Man: Kevin D. Williamson
Braving the Cold: Hoft and Washington: News Commenter

Scandal Central

ObamaCare, doing what it was supposed to stop: Daley Gator
Time to Shut Down the NSA?: Rick Jensen
Obama Took More Vacation on Average Than Private-Sector Workers 20 Yrs on Job: CNS

Climate & Energy

Nuts at ThinkProgress Want to Tax Your Meat to Save the Planet: AllAm
Man-Style Recycling: Old Virginia Blog
Climate Change and Environmental Socialism: RWN


Dear A&E, congratulations, you just committed suicide: Matt Walsh
A "triple-dog-dare" for those on the political left: Joe Kidd
Sources: 'Duck Dynasty' Will Likely Be Canceled: Breitbart

AGENDAS: Those Who Deny The Role Of Judeo-Christian Ethic In The Founding: Road to Concord
President’s Weekly Address: Good For You, Sucky Republican Jerks: Caleb Howe
TMZ: A&E says Phil Robertson fired because GAY employees were OUTRAGED: Scoop

The 30 Best Quotes Of 2013: John Hawkins
Mixed Messages Add Anxiety as Deadline Nears in Health Act: CowboyByte
Liberal Icon Camille Paglia: Our PC Nation Has Become ‘Utterly Fascist’: Time for Choosing

They Gone: MOTUS
Liberal Kooks at ADL Blast Their Pals at HuffPo for Anti-Semitism: TruthRevolt
Could Saturday Night Live Have Saved Pajama Boy's Reputation?: Chicago News Bench


Nuclear Holocaust? Yes, He Can: Melanie Phillips
Cruz: Millions Could Lose Their Lives Because of Obama's Idiocy: Breitbart
Thailand's crisis, in 90 seconds: Commentator

Western Center for Journalism Reports on Obama’s Middle East Allies: MB
The Marine Corps As Psychotherapy: Fred on Everything
Raul Castro issues stern warning to entrepreneurs: AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The definitive collection of secret Nazi weapons: Gizmodo
Fully wearable Iron Man Mark III suit is made to 3D printed order for $35,000: Joseph Volpe
A Year in the Life of the NYPD Glocks: GlockForum


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Orbitup
Pajamaboy Caption Contest Winner: iOTW
Is Pajamaboy the Secret Love Child of Two MSNBC Hosts?: Looking Spoon

Image: Killer Cops are the Result of Militarization of Local Police Forces.
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Want more like Ted Cruz in the Senate? Here's how to help.

QOTD: "Dear A&E,

I read that you are indefinitely suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty after he quoted the Bible and said that the homosexual act is sinful. I get it, guys. I do. You punished the Christian guy for being a Christian because you got some angry emails from a bunch of whiny gay activists who lack the spine and maturity to deal with the fact that there are still people out there who have the guts to articulate opinions that they find disagreeable. In so doing, you’ve kowtowed to a pushy minority of vocal bullies who don’t even watch your channel, while alienating the fan base of the one show that keeps your entire network afloat.

Makes sense.

You’ve got standards, after all. You wouldn’t want to be associated with tasteless and inappropriate things. The people on Duck Dynasty can’t be allowed to run around being all Christian-like. It might ruin the reputation of the network whose other shows include Hoarders and Intervention — programs that invite viewers to gawk at drug addicts and the mentally ill for their own amusement..." --Matt Walsh

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