Thursday, December 19, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: New White House Advisor John Podesta: GOP 'A Cult Worthy of Jonestown'

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White House Advisor Podesta: GOP 'A Cult Worthy of Jonestown': TruthRevolt
Baltimore Sun: MD must consider scrapping state exchange: Moe Lane
Sebelius: Some Will Pay More for Health Insurance with Obamacare: WS

The lost generation: Young people have been had: Victor Davis Hanson
Illegal immigrants are winning out over military veterans in budget bill: Allen West
GOP Fears Nominating Convention Woes in Virginia: Emily Cahn

Blue Cross NJ: “Government Told Us You Can’t Keep Your Policy”: WZ
Missouri Looks To Nullify All Federal Gun Laws: Cove
Eyewitness to Hitler Warns: “Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns”: Kimberly Paxton


Inequality Does Not Matter : Kevin D. Williamson
Paul Ryan and GOP Must Own Cuts to Veterans Benefits: Erick Erickson
Ryan-Murray and the Fundamental Lack of Seriousness in Washington: Erick Erickson

Obamacare's Silent Insurers: Jonah Goldberg
Obama’s $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation: LoneCon
Florida sheriff’s undercover sting busts $2.8M welfare fraud scam: BPR

The case for repealing Dodd-Frank: Peter J. Wallison
Obama’s Annual Hawaii Boondoggle: Keith Koffler
Despite the taper, Bernanke Fed stays in pro-growth mode: James Pethokoukis

Scandal Central

Benghazi Scandal Heats Up – Clear Stand-Down Orders – Video: IM41
Rand Paul prepares to file class-action lawsuit against the NSA: RWN
Who Knew What 50 Seconds Before The FOMC Release?: ZH

Climate & Energy

Satellite Measurements Confirm Arctic Ice Is Increasing Massively: MB
Obama's War on America's Energy Needs: Alan Caruba
Does the federal government think we are dim bulbs?: CFP


Media Ignoring That Colorado School Shooter Was Stopped by Armed Security Guard: Publius
CBS/NYT Poll: Only 15% of Insured Say ObamaCare Will Help Them: JWF
Blast from Past: Hannity airs Ronald Reagan’s warning to America: BPR

Scumbag Laurence O'Donnell Libels James Madison: MRC
A&E Fires Duck Dynasty Star After Gay Rant: GWP
MARK LEVIN: I have first amendment concerns about A&E firing Phil Robertson: Scoop

Sen. McCain: Let His Carcass Caucus With Democrats: R.S. McCain
Obama's Favorite Columnist Invents Fake Child to Get Amazon Mom Discount: TruthRevolt
AFL-CIO's Trumka Asks MSNBC Hosts to Unionize Network: TruthRevolt


Hillary Clinton: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!: R.S. McCain
Biggest change in Middle East is “breathtaking diminution of American influence”: Scoop
CNN’s Amanpour Smears Israel at Mandela Memorial Service: CAMERA

Russia Is Making Nuclear Moves: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Sessions: Leave military retiree pay alone, close tax loophole for illegal immigrants: Leada Gore
Valerie Plame lied to Congress and Chairman Henry Waxman knew it: IP2P

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

$19 million might produce the first ever image of a black hole: Rich McCormick
A fight where the referee wears Google Glass? A uniquely awesome perspective.: NextWeb
Filmmaker Makes Cheeky Commercial for a Used Nissan–And Nissan Buys It: Mashable


You Gotta’ Break a Few Eggs To Make An Obama Anomaly: MOTUS
When America is too big to fail: Looking Spoon
Obama, ‘If I Had A Son, He’d Look Exactly Like The Metrosexual In My ObamaCare Ad’: SHN

Image: Roll Call
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QOTD: "...the Obama administration ... argues to the Supreme Court that Hobby Lobby is a corporation seeking to make profits and that only religious nonprofits can qualify for any First Amendment rights and protections. It doesn’t argue that Hobby Lobby thereby forfeited religious rights specifically. Rather, it argues that by seeking profit, Hobby Lobby has forfeited its First Amendment rights in general. In this case, freedom of religion is surrendered. In future cases, disallowing other free-speech rights could be used to stop a media company’s embarrassing stories, eavesdrop on reporters, prosecute whistleblowers or otherwise control the media owing to the taint of an “evil” profit motive." --Ernest Istook

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Anonymous said...

Barry, and his Party of the Willing have clearly erected an idol in America that requires your worship, or you will suffer and die.
If every home it touched declared NO to the Gubmint it could not stand. Quietness is a voice that bears what is imposed on it.