Saturday, December 28, 2013

A REAL CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Two People Survived This Wreck

Via the BBC:

A driver had an "incredible escape" from serious injury when a car was "sliced" in two as it hit a sign on the M11, Essex Fire Service has said.

The vehicle left the road and collided with a large motorway sign at junction 9a near Great Chesterford at about 14:00 GMT on Tuesday... No-one was trapped in the vehicle when fire crews from Cambridge, Newport and Saffron Walden arrived... Firefighters gave first aid to two people at the scene.

Nigel Webb, Saffron Walden incident commander, said the impact had "effectively sliced the vehicle in half sending the front of the vehicle into the nearside bushes and the rear half onto the hard shoulder"... He added that it was "simply an incredible escape for the driver".

An East of England Ambulance Service Trust spokesperson there were two patients involved in the crash, one believed to be a man in his 20s, both of whom escaped with minor injuries.

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Anonymous said...


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