Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Women declare War on Obamacare

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Women declare War on Obamacare: William A. Jacobson
Obama Obamacare Sign-Up Failed: “System Couldn’t Verify His Identity”: IM41
ObamaCare's New Year Day’s Surprise for the Elderly: Realities

Happy Healthcare Day: ObamaCare Support Drops to All-Time Low: JWF
Heller II: Defeating Red Tape & Second Amendment: Frank Miniter
Press Conference Announces Georgia Obamacare Nullification Bill: TAC

ObamaCare Chaos Continues: Arnold Ahlert
An Israeli security expert on why the TSA is all wrong: Matzav
Boehner's Christmas Wish: To Roll the Tea Party: Joshua Green

Gallup Poll: Barack Obama’s Greatest Success... Nothing: ScarMonk
Maryland’s clown-show gubernatorial Democratic primary heats up: Moe Lane
Drug tests for welfare recipients: Bookworm


A Spoonful of Sugar: Peter Schiff
14 NEA Affiliates Have Almost $700 Million in Unfunded Liabilities: Greenroom
40 Million Compromised Credit Cards at Target – For Sale: Mish

Scandal Central

Susan Rice Calls Benghazi A “False Controversy”: WZ
Conservative lawmakers’ secret Mideast trip could foreshadow Obama downfall: Erik Rush
Obama administration secretly extends health-care enrollment deadline by a day: WaPo

Climate & Energy

Environmental Fascists Move to Ban Plastic Gift Cards: AmPower
Here’s A Handy Dandy Warmist Survival Guide For Christmas Climate Change Discussions: RWN


Duck -- And Cover: Cold Fury
Stand Up to the Bullies: Mark Steyn
Phil Robertson Doubles Down: No Apologies. He Meant What He Said.: RWN

The Invisible Appalachian Redoubt: Woodpile Report
The Day Groklaw Closed Its Doors: Katherine Noyes
Juan Williams Hypocrisy: Free Speech for Me, but Not for Thee: Trey Sanchez

Encouraging Lessons From The “Duck Dynasty” Imbroglio: David Limbaugh
Joe Manchin Accidentally Explains Media silence on Arapahoe: DTG
CNN’s Brit Twit Piers Morgan Says 1st Amend. Should Only Cover Speech HE Likes: Publius


The Most Underreported Foreign News Stories of 2013: PJM
Americans held hostage in Hillary-approved, UN-peace-kept-South Sudan: RWN
Susan Rice Invents New Euphemism for 'Lying' on 60 Minutes: TruthRevolt

The Christian Exodus: Allen West
Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished: Barton Gellman, WaPo
Security researcher cancels talk at RSA conference in protest of NSA Revelations: ComputerWorld

Bill To Increase Sanctions On Iran: Michael Barone
Important Military Purge Update: Villainous Company
Air force attacks targets in Gaza: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Ten Most Important Cars Of 2013: Jalopnik
FOSSCAD Unveils 3D Printable 75 Round Drum Magazine for AR-15 Rifles: TAG
Chromebooks charge into business market, capture 20% of commercial notebooks: Mark Hachman


It’s A WONderful Life: The Coloring Book...and The Movie???: MOTUS
What I See: C&S
Son of a Beach: Hopenchange

Image: Han Solo's Blaster Sells for $200,000
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "You keep bringing up England, as if there exists there some higher ideal that we should aspire to. In England, the population is made up of subjects, not citizens. Those subjects have traditionally been denied the use and ownership of arms, all the way back to when that referred to swords and daggers. Times have changed, and the restrictions there have eased somewhat, but the underlying ethos remains. I, on the other hand, am a citizen, not a subject, and the ownership of guns is ingrained in my national heritage, and has been since we used those guns to win the right to no longer be called subjects. The ownership of those guns also carries the intrinsic promise that no one who calls himself an American will ever again be forced to be a subject. It’s just that simple. And no amount of regurgitating of gun control statistics will ever change that simple fact.”" --Matt in FL

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