Saturday, December 14, 2013

OH, THE HUMANITY: Warmal Colding Strikes Syria

I wonder how the climate grifters like Michael "Piltdown" Mann will explain Earth's slow, inevitable slide into global cooling? You know, caused by the one factor the Climategate kooks forgot to countenance? You may know it as the "Sun":

Quick! Someone find fat-boy some tree rings -- I hear they taste like onion rings!


Francis W. Porretto said...

Why bother to explain it? They'll just use it as intensification for their campaign against...CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

Never doubt the capacity of the infinitely power-hungry Left to adapt to circumstances. If we were to wake up at eight AM on Christmas morning to find that we were all millionaires and that the whole planet had the climate of San Diego, the Left would have another clarion call for massive government interference in our lives by noon.

sTevo said...

I thought change is what it's all about.