Thursday, December 12, 2013

SO SCAWY: Issa Issues Stern Warning #642 to Administration for Obstructing Congressional Investigators

Oh, I'm certain the Obama administration is absolutely terrified of House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa. At last count, Issa is trying to orchestrate 162 separate investigations. So what's one more?

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa sent a stern warning to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Wednesday night: Obstructing a congressional investigation is a criminal offense.

At issue are the “attempts by the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit contractors working on from cooperating with congressional investigators,” and Issa informed Sebelius in a letter that this obstruction is criminal.

“The Department’s hostility toward questions from Congress and the media about the implementation of Obamacare is well known,” Issa wrote... Issa called out an HHS instruction to a contractor, Creative Computing Solutions, Inc., to not comply with the Oversight Committee’s request for documents...

“The Department’s most recent effort to stonewall, however, has morphed from mere obstinacy into criminal obstruction of a congressional investigation,” he said.

And, despite all of the obstructions, the gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the Americans left to die in Benghazi, the politicization of the IRS, the wiretapping of reporters, and numerous other impeachable offenses, House leadership refuses to form a Select Investigative Committee.

I get the distinct impression that John Boehner and Darrell Issa have no interest in getting to the bottom of these high crimes and misdemeanors.

I leave the reasons as an exercise for the reader.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

5 comments: said...

Boehner's paper tiger.

Hope everyone now sees the urgency to starve the GOP out of existence by withholding your money and your vote - and funding and voting for Tea Party candidates.

In order the clease the corrupt rino politicans out our way, we need to destroy the GOP -- completely. It's like a tumor whose time has come for removal.

The GOP as a national party is dead. It simply cannot be trusted. Like a plague-infested old buiding, it needs to be burned to the ground, and rebuilt in OUR image.

The virus that has become the GOP cannot live without our donations and our votes. Starve it so it dies, and gets out of our way.

Mike in Grasonville said...

The reason Issa uses most for not getting anywhere with his investigations is Attorney General Eric Holder, who by the way is the least qualified person to ever hold this office, and there is some truth to that. However, John Boehner has more to do with the sad results seen so far. He has been briefed on most of these issues, and it would show him to be in collusion with the Obama administration if a Special Prosecutor were to be put in place.

Issa can act without Boehner to get to the level of Special Prosecutor, but so far hasn't taken that course. I suppose that's because he, and sobbing John have aagreementnt to make Obama look bad, but not take it too the next level. The Republican main stream has had its day, and now it is time for the true Conservative voters to elect Tea Party members to do the job these entrenched assholes refuse to do.

commoncents said...

Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Jep Robinson entertain the troops in Afghanistan:

Burger King said...

How can we determine whether Issa is out of will-power or out of resources?

Anonymous said...

Speaker Boner is either owned by the Marxist democrats, or he is one of them. The results are the same in any case.

It isn't even arguable at this point.