Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chicago Mayor Creepy Ballerina Forced to Pay for Violating Citizens' Second Amendment Rights

Ted Cruz alerts us to this outstanding development:

Very, very cool. Here’s a shot of the actual check that Rahm Emanuel had to write to the Second Amendment Foundation for the City of Chicago’s violating our right to keep and bear arms.

As the Solicitor General of Texas, I was honored to lead the States before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Heller case, which resulted in a landmark 5-4 victory, protecting our fundamental Second Amendment rights.

As an aside, Ted is a wonderful, truly conservative candidate for the Senate in Texas who deserves your support.

You've gotta love a candidate with a "Fire Holder" button on his home page.

Hat tip: Iowahawk.


Duke C said...

HooRay ! More for our side !

Reliapundit said...


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered why it is that the left is sooo afraid of firearms held by citizenfor protectection. This is just so nice!!

Bones said...

Left afraid of firearms? Has a dictatorship ever been put in place with armed citizens?

Dan M. said...

Isn't this just Chicago taxpayer dollars? There are some Republicans (like me)who live here. Why should I have to pay?

Anonymous said...

@Dan M.

Move so you don't.