Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Is Media Matters Obama's Watergate?

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Is Media Matters Obama's Watergate?: Lord
No, birth control isn’t an election issue: Hot Air
'The Subjects of the Constitution': ProWis

Obama Super PAC leans on Chicago machine: Beacon
The Catholic State: Steyn Online
Will SCOTUS punt on Obamacare until... 2016??: Ace

Will “Media-MattersGate” Bring Down the Obama White House?: Nice Deb
Politicians Fiddle While Fiscal Crisis Looms: Stossel
Suicidal GOP First Rejects Tea Party, Now Values Voters: Riehl

GOP Primary

Santorum's Rise Brings New Attacks: WSJ
Poll: Carter 63%, Reagan 32%: Surber
Associate Confronted Rep. Ron Paul About Flights: RollCall

Santorum Up 4 in Michigan on Strength of Tea Party Support: WS
Santorum 2008: America is under attack from Satan: Hot Air
Santorum: Drudge headline was a joke, absurd: Scoop

“Gallup: Women Give Santorum 10 Point Nod Over Romney”: ProWis
If Santorum Wins...: Morris
Palin: 'Lamestream Media' Are 'All Wee-Weed Up' About Satan Remark: NB


Michelle Obama Loves the Corporate Cash in Exclusive Colorado Ski Resort From Non-Union Employers: BigG
Top Level USDA Reps Showing Up in US Lunchrooms: AT
Taxpayers will foot flight costs for posh Obama Florida fundraising trip: Beacon

Europe passes the last exit. A great crisis lies ahead.: Fabius
Government workers vs. their unions: Cato
Parental outrage forces school to drop pro-Obama chant: Blaze

Unions Registering Inmates to Vote, Spending Dues at Strip Clubs: MenRec
Jarrett: Unemployment checks stimulate the economy: WS
B.B. King, Mick Jagger Salute the Blues at White House Party: ABC

Scandal Central

Congressional investigations sought over IRS ‘assault’ on tea party groups: DC
Dismantling the phony case against voter ID: Power Line
No More Weapons!: Mellow

Climate & Energy

Carney: GOP cancelled Keystone, not Obama: FreeEnt
Another Obama Victory: Gas Prices Hit $4.49 in NYC: JWF
Who gains from the Keystone cancellation? Venezuela: Fausta

The High Priests of Eco-Destruction: Malkin
NCSE accepts Gleick’s resignation: Watts
Global Warming Alarmists Now Resort to Hoax: Power Line


Drudge attacking and demonizing Santorum: Scoop
Rush Limbaugh on Santorum and Satan: Politico
Satisfaction with country worst since Carter: USN&WR

Mitt’s Friends Open Up New Front on Rick: Washington Monthly
Rush calls out conservative CYA bloggers: Scoop
Sheeee’s baaaack: LI

OWS Letter To The Editor In USA Today: We Will Storm Wall Street With Guns: WZ
Obama Finance Chief Funded Media Matters: FoxNation
FLOTUS To Tout Contraception Mandate At “Women For Obama” House Parties: WZ


Obama Budget Decreases Air Force to 100 Combat-Ready Planes: BigPeace
Obama using Israeli leaders in web campaign: LI
Iranian Regime Denies UN Inspectors Access to Key Military Site: GWP

"Eventually, All Humans Will Be Palestine Refugees": Pipes
Latest NC Terror Report Offers More Baseless Conclusions: IPT
Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry Website, Demands IMF Withdrawal, Threatens to Erase Debts: ZH

Shocker: U.N. Nuke Agency Reports Talks With Iran Have Failed: WZ
Newt: Defeating Barack Obama is a ‘Duty of National Security’: Bruce
Mother pushing stroller in Texas hit with bullet from Mexico: Trib


Russians resurrect 30,000-year-old frozen flower: Fox
Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More): Wired
U.S. Official Signals Growing Concern Over Anonymous Group's Capabilities: WSJ


Cops: Ohio Woman's Breast Implant Exploded During Domestic Assault: TSG
American producer on The Amazing Race 'poisoned to death in Africa by a gang of local thugs': DailyMail
Air Force rocker stuns 'The Voice': Fox

Image: "Jay Carney Makes Baghdad Bob Gibbs Look Like Honest Abe"
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "Montesquieu warned of government’s threat to civil society unless it follows a moderate course. “May we be left as we are, said a gentleman of [a republican government]. Nature repairs everything” Tocqueville believed that America had, effect, heeded Montesquieu’s counsel. “Nothing more striking to a European traveler in the United States than the absence of what we term government, or the administration….The administrative power in the United States presents nothing either centralized or hierarchical in its constitution; this accounts for its passing unperceived….”

However, that was then. America has been transitioning from a society based on God given inalienable rights protective of the individual and community sovereignty to a centralized, administrative statism that has become a power unto itself. It appears nearly everywhere as a dominant fixture and intrusive force in daily life. If its interventions are with limits, the limits are increasingly difficult to define. The circle of liberty, which was once expansive, and within which the individual was largely unmolested in his manner and pursuits, is shrinking rapidly as less and less an area is left for him to live without torment." --Mark Levin, Ameritopia

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Reliapundit said...

"Montesquieu warned of government’s threat to civil society unless it follows a moderate course..."

santorum doesn't set a moderate course for government.

he says "the pursuit of happiness" is what his sect says it means which is BS.

link to ace's essay: