Sunday, February 19, 2012

Top Obama 2012 Slogans as Suggested by Readers of Ace o' Spades

The president's campaign needs a new slogan. The genteel posse of altruistic volunteers at Ace o' Spades decided crowd-sourcing would answer the challenge.

Obama 2012: Change Is Expensive
Obama 2012: Because Queen Elizabeth Really Wants A Skateboard
Obama in 2012 - Because somebody, somewhere, still works in the private sector
Obama: when an empire absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight
Obama 2012: Who's the cat who won't cop out / When there's danger all about?

Obama 2012: All These Vacations Aren't Going To Take Themselves
Obama 2012: Abortion, Dependency and The Thrill of Misery
Barack Obama: Smell The Embarrassment
Obama: oppression has a new face
Obama 2012: Change Is Expensive

Obama 2012: You still can't use my middle name
O'12: Because you're racist, that's why.
Obama 2012: At some point you've voted enough
O'12: Admit it, you want to find out what comes after a Trillion
Obama 2012: Because we still don't look like North Korea from space

Obama: What I Did for the Middle East, I Can Do for America
Obama 2012: Divided We Fall
Just the Tip 2012
Obama 2012: If You Were Running For President He'd Vote For You.
Once You Go Barack, Theres No Going Back

Obama 2012: An Abortion In Every Pot
Obama 2012: Because The Mayans Said So
Obama 2012: It's Still Bush's Fault!
Obama 2012: How Much Worse Could It Get?
Obama 2012: The Last Vote You'll Ever Cast

Obama 2012: Ask us about our free contraceptives!
O in '12: Because America didn't eat its peas
Obama 2012: Mulligan!
SCOAMF II: Electric Boogaloo
Obama 2012: Who's promising you more free s*** than ME?

Obama/Biden 2012: America was dressed like a whore


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Bones said...

The slogan will have to be limited to three, single syllable words. Going beyond that will strain the vocabulary and attention span of the Obama voter.

Anonymous said...

Obama2012: Pro-Oppressive and darn proud of it!

Obama2012: Hope you don’t notice I’m incompetent and that won’t Change.

Royce said...

The Truth is out There