Friday, February 17, 2012

Conservative News Made Simple

Need an easier and faster way to read the most important stories from all of your favorite blogs and news sites? monitors Twitter to determine which news stories are most important, based upon retweets and discussion. It runs 24-by-7 monitoring hundreds of blogs and new sites.

While it may look a bit like the Drudge Report, there are many differences. For instance, you can find the top stories that are trending now, over the last 24 hours, the last week, or even the last month.

You can also track the popularity of each story over time. Here's an example:

Need a list of stories from each news source? Here are the top stories from

Check it out. And if you like it, bookmark BadBlue and follow its updates on Twitter at @BadBlueNews.

Now conservatives have a real news portal.


Anonymous said...

I want the site to work. A conservative news aggregator is a great idea. The thing is it's hard to read. They need a designer.

directorblue said...

More info, please. Why is it hard to read? Font too small? Colors? Thx