Sunday, February 19, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Contraception Misdirection

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Contraception Misdirection: Steyn
The Seven Varieties of Gun Control Advocate: JPFO
Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?: Cold Fury

Obama To Women: “Look, Little Ladies! A Shiny Object!”: Hot Air
Yes, Walker Balanced Budget Without Raising Taxes: NB
New details released in shooting of Calif. ICE agent: USAT

Catholic Priest Arrested For Praying Outside White House: Dollard
Obama: re-elect me as I have no idea what I'm talking about: Aces
Let Him That Hath Understanding…: Camp

GOP Primary

Romney: From Electable To Not Credible In Sixty Seconds: Riehl
ABC: “Top” GOP Senator says if Mitt can’t win Michigan…: Hot Air
Will women vote for Rick Santorum?: STACLU

Guns, Butter, Jobs and Birth Control: Knish
Here’s how the GOP presidential race blows up: AEI
Aspirin, et cetera: Pundette

Blue state survey: Obama weakness in general election: Hot Air
Romney Campaign Arizona Co-Chair Resigns in Gay Sex Scandal: AmSpec
Dear Spineless Cowards: STFU About Santorum's Religion-based Comments: Riehl


From the Folks Who Brought You Cloward-Piven: Driscoll
Chicago Teachers Want a 30% Pay Increase: GWP
Federal Union Flips Out Over 0.8% Increase in Pension Contribution: BigG

Wrong Again… Obama Said His Stimulus Would Bring Caterpillar Jobs Back to Illinois – Not Even Close: GWP
Are Credit Derivatives Dead Because Greece Can’t (Won’t?) Default: Sargen
Obama buries NLRB hatchet in tour of Boeing plant: Hill

Scandal Central

It Wouldn’t Be Saturday Morning Without Another Friday Night Solyndra Document Dump to Sift Through: Malkin
Babeu Is Out of Closet, Still in Congressional Race: Tucson Weekly
Republicans Ask Chu to Explain Links Between Prologis, Solyndra: Bloomberg

Climate & Energy

Good news: Wind Production Tax Credit expiring: Marathon
$4.50/gallon gas by Memorial Day?: RS
Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year: Breitbart

The World won’t stop having climate cycles just because they are inconvenient: Watts
New Study Shows No Evidence “Fracking” Contaminates Ground Water: VS
Windmills: Some of us have to sacrifice to be green...even the eagles!: EBL


Record 19 reporters, media execs join Team Obama: C&S
Is Dr. Melissa Going Just A Little Easy On The GOP?: RSM
Karl Rove Uncorks on Obama: VS

News’ From the Liberal Media Meme Factory: Women Hate Rick Santorum: RSM
The New Media Proletariat: RSM
Krauthammer: Obama Vs. The Constitution: Ace

“Bold colors, not pale pastels”: Cold Fury
Bag Lady Wanders In From the Street and Delivers Three Minute Long Tirade at Issa's Panel: Ace
Chuck Todd: Occupy Disruptions Of GOP Events Will Make Evening News Every Night; Hint Hint: Ace

ABC News Goes All Out to Spin Economy for Obama: Powers
Does The Economist really think Obama is a debt cutter like Clinton?: Peth
Limbaugh: We’re Supposed To Ignore Obama and Rev. Wright, Yet Santorum's Responsible For Friess?: Mediaite


Mexico Posts Huge 3 Ton Sign on Border Reading, “NO MORE WEAPONS!”: AllAm
Sharia’s Global Reach: A Liberal Muslim Extradited to Possible Beheading: PJM
Muslim arrested in Capitol Building suicide bomb plot is long-time illegal alien: Creeping

Family of DUI homicide victim: Feds failed to deport illegal-immigrant killer: Volpe
Australia Provides Cornucopia of Expensive Goodies to Hordes of Third-World Colonists: MB
Run on safe deposit boxes: Varones


Report: Apple Blacklists The New York Times After iEconomy Report: DailyTech
"The most important historical gun in the history of the United States": Network54
Foxconn Plans to Lift Pay Sharply at Factories in China: NYT


Report: Adolf Hitler had a son with a French teenager during World War I: Blogmocracy
What Do You Think About This Ad?: Ace
Swedish man survives for months in snowed-in car: Reuters

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Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "As for us doom-mongers, at the House Budget Committee on Thursday, Chairman Paul Ryan produced another chart, this time from the Congressional Budget Office, with an even steeper straight line showing debt rising to 900 percent of GDP and rocketing off the graph circa 2075. America’s treasury secretary, Timmy Geithner the TurboTax Kid, thought the chart would have been even more hilarious if they’d run the numbers into the next millennium: “You could have taken it out to 3000 or to 4000” he chortled, to supportive titters from his aides. Has total societal collapse ever been such a non-stop laugh riot?

“Yeah, right.” replied Ryan. “We cut it off at the end of the century because the economy, according to the CBO, shuts down in 2027 on this path.”

The U.S. economy shuts down in 2027? Had you heard about that? It’s like the ultimate Presidents’ Day sale: Everything must go — literally! At such a moment, it may seem odd to find the political class embroiled in a bitter argument about the Obama administration’s determination to force Catholic institutions (and, indeed, my company and your company, if you’re foolish enough still to be in business in the United States) to provide free prophylactics to their employees." --Mark Steyn

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