Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama “undoubtedly pulled punches in his first term...'

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GOP Primary

Obama “undoubtedly pulled punches in his first term...': LI
Santorum Pulls Ahead of Romney Nationwide: Hayward
Time for Newt to Do the Honorable Thing: AmSpec


The 'Progressive' Legacy: Sowell
Mike Lee: Obama ‘Manifestly Wrong’ on U.S. Constitution: Foundry
Has the Tea Party Peaked?: AT

Obama appointee: citizens have no right to bear arms: DC
Marxist Democrat Schakowsky Slanders Christians: GWP
Obama Has Stranded the Catholic Left: Anchoress


Obama’s Deficit Spending Over Four Years: $70K per Family: WZ
Obama's 2013 budget destroys the millionaire fantasy: Hayward
Happy Valentine's Day, From the Democrats: Alexa

Black Community Responsible For Its Young People: IBD
Boehner’s Bailout: The Highway to Hell: RS
Government dependency tipping point? Been there, done that: Q&O

Top tax rates could exceed 100 percent under Obama’s Buffett Rule: Peth
Obama Advisor Dreams of a Global Minimum Tax: Hayward
Senate Democrats Muted on Obama Budget: Roll Call

Sebelius Admits ObamaCare Exchanges Aren’t Happening, Then Disqualifies Herself from Office: Cato
Obama to Poor Kids In Rotten Schools: Drop Dead: Hayward
TSA Dallas: Woman Sent Through Scanner Three Times for the “Guys”: VS

Scandal Central

Rep. Issa to Holder, We Want Documents Now, Contempt Charges Still On The Table: BigG
Fast and Furious: Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu Says Holder Has Perjured Himself: BigG
GM Unplugs from Business Realities with Chevy Volt Re-Launch: FuelFix

Climate & Energy

Will Canadian Oil Be For the Lamps of China?: IBD
Tragedy unfolding in Europe – Is U.S. media trying to ignore it?: Ice Age Now
Obama Whines About Gas Prices Forgets to Mention Keystone, Other Projects He Killed: GWP


Obama's New 'Truth Teams' and Web Sites Aren't News at AP, NYT: Blumer
Finally...Truth Team Comics: PJM
Dershowitz: Media Matters Could Cost Obama the Election: BigJ

Is Obama Programing Media Matters Or Is It The Other Way Around? : BigJ
Media Matters memo called for hiring private investigators ‘to look into the personal lives’ of Fox employees: DC
The Media Matters Bombshell (with a Semi-Defense of Ben Smith): VS

BREAKING: IN 1990, according to a line in the Pittsburgh Press...: ProWis
6 in 10 Catholics disapprove of Obama: Exam
Obama's Ohio Attack Dogs: BigG

Another So Called News Journalist Joins The Obama Administration: Glob
Will Congress See the Greek Writing on the Wall?: CDN
FreedomWorks takes Obamacare to Court: FreedomWorks


The Obama Defense Strategy Is To Have Less Defense: IBD
Muslim Brotherhood Rep: Our Ultimate Goal Is Establishing a Global Islamic Caliphate: MEMRI
Two 10 Year-Old Suicide Bombers Arrested in Afghanistan: GWP

Michigan: School, police chief shut down talk about sharia law: Creeping
Obama Showers Islamist Radicals With Our Money: MB
Saudi Arabia targets supporters of blogger arrested over Mohammad tweets: Creeping

AP Report: Obama Considering Slashing U.S. Nuclear Force By Up To 80%: WZ
Obama wants to Increase Money to Pakistan: Free Beacon
Obama Tells China He “Welcomes” Their Rise To Power: WZ


MIT opens enrollment for its first free, automated online course: GlobPost
Babies understand words from 6 months old, scientists say: Fox
Google Public DNS prevails as the world's largest service: CNet


Food police bust 4 year-old in NC: Pundette
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, without all the messy blood: MOTUS
Obama's Eligibility Diversion: AT

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