Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ratio of Americans paying NO taxes explodes to 49% thanks to Obama fairness initiative and suicidal lib policies, but mostly suicidal lib policies

No society can long survive this form of madness:

This year’s Index of Dependence on Government presented startling findings about the sharp increase of Americans who rely on the federal government for housing, food, income, student aid or other assistance. (See last week’s chart.)

Another eye-popping number was the percentage of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, which now accounts for nearly half of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, most of that population receives generous federal benefits.

“One of the most worrying trends in the Index is the coinciding growth in the non-taxpaying public,” wrote Heritage authors Bill Beach and Patrick Tyrrell. “The percentage of people who do not pay federal income taxes, and who are not claimed as dependents by someone who does pay them, jumped from 14.8 percent in 1984 to 49.5 percent in 2009.”

That means 151.7 million Americans paid nothing in 2009. By comparison, 34.8 million tax filers paid no taxes in 1984.

The rapid growth of Americans who don’t pay income taxes is particularly alarming...

Alarming, yes, since on the Obama path, "the economy, according to the CBO, shuts down in 2027."

Democrats like to claim that they're the party of science and intelligence. You'd never know it by their inability to grasp the laws of mathematics.

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LibertyAtStake said...

"What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine"

The new official motto of the 49 percenter.

With 49% of the population in the bag, Team Leftie never needed so few useful idiots to tip elections. May God save the republic.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Matthew W said...

Of course we'll get the usual leftist ninnies saying "But they pay payroll taxes, therefore they pay taxes".

They just really don't get it !!

Frankenstein Government said...

Hunt moonbats. Get your license 'ere.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage worker pays 27% of income in total taxes.

Adding together the taxes at every level of government for a single person making minimum wage in 2010. (Note: She would not qualify for EIC or food stamps)

Fed income tax: $515
Payroll tax: $1109
State and city income tax (NY City): $420
Sales and gas taxes: $520
Share of real estate taxes, (70% is passed along if you rent): $1300
Total: $3864 This is 27% of her income (AGI)

Could add in these:
Share of employer paid payroll tax (reduces your compensation): %1109
Share of Corporate taxes (increased prices, reduced wages): $420
Total $5393. This is 37% of income AGI

Same calculation for Mr. Romney: All taxes including estimate of his share of corporate taxes: All his taxes are 14% of his investment income and gains.

For much more, including a proposal for comprehensive tax reform which would have everyone pay their fair share, cut middle-class taxes, reduce the deficit, improve the economy, and strengthen the nation as a force for good in the world, see

Anonymous said...

My mom, a 90year old widow lives on an income of $18,000 per year. She pays $1100 in Medicare taxes, $5000 in real estate taxes, and about $550 in sales and gas taxes. Her total tax rate is 36%

And she is among the 49% you falsely accuse of paying "no taxes." There is no non-institutionalized adult in the United States paying "no taxes"

Please print a retraction , correcting your false headline for starters

Anonymous said...

About half of households pay no federal income taxes, but federal income taxes amount only 25% of the taxes paid in this country. There is probably no non-institutionalized adult in the USA who truly pays no taxes - no Social Security taxes, no sales taxes, no property taxes, no gas taxes. The group paying no federal income taxes consists of mostly the elderly and disabled living on Social Security, those laid off in the current recession, students with part-time work, and large families earning very low wages. All of these groups pay other taxes, often exceeding their fair share compared to 1) their ability to pay and 2) their wealth derived from economic infrastructure provided by governments. The proposed tax system sets things right by considering all taxes and the two best measures of ability to pay and government-derived prosperity: income and wealth (net worth).

LiberalsRnazis said...

Nice Try Anonymous, but it does not change the fact that almost half are NOT paying federal income tax, but are getting benefits. Many are getting income redistributed from the real taxpayers. You can't defend it. It's wrong and your minimum wage example is stupid and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

This chart does not assert that 49.5% pay no taxes. It asserts that 49.5% do not pay Income Tax. Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

The breakdown of the 49% who pay no income tax is: 6% are wealthy and find ways to avoid income taxes, 34% are working poor, 60% are poor seniors. 94% are families and elderly that are probably scrimping put food on the table, and if you shop regularly, you know that the 1-2% inflation that the feds always tout is an understatement; where do THEY shop?