Thursday, February 16, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's X-Files

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GOP Primary

Obama's X-Files: JPA
Ohio Poll: Santorum 36, Romney 29, Gingrich 20, Paul 9: WS
Santorum’s hat trick spurs Facebook friend surge: Politico

Election 2012: Republican Presidential Primary: Rasmussen
Why did Santorum lose in 2006? :York
Santorum on the elite snobs that want to control you: Scoop


For Liljenquist, Mourdock, and Cruz: A Tea Party Senate takeover: Malkin
How Republicans can win even if the economy keeps improving: Peth
Meese: Obama Administration 'as Close to a Monarchy as George III': CNS

Levin: A Functioning House Would Impeach Sebelius: CNS
Dwarf Senator: Right to Insurance Trumps Religious Freedom: LifeNews
Possible Democrat Plant to Face Allen West in GOP Primary?: Shark

Is IRS Targeting Obama's Enemies?: NewAm
The Truth Behind Obama’s Truth Team: CDN
Maxine Waters: Boehner and Cantor ‘Demons’: NRO


How Taxing the Rich Harms the Middle Class: AEI
OMB Director Challenged to Resign After Refusing to Answer Budget Question: FreeB
Santelli: IL budget makes Greece look like Utopia: FreeB

Cost of Four Years of Obama: $5,170,000,000,000.00: MB
The DOJ is wrong when it claims the ObamaCare mandate is a tax, says … Obama’s OMB chief: Hot Air
Obama Valentine’s Day Splurge Priced at Up To $300: Dossier

Timmy Geithner Just Took a Tax Spanking!: RedCty
Guess Who Has the Only Earmark in the Senate Highway Bill?: RS
Federal School Lunch Agents: What Country Is This?: Powers

Scandal Central

WaPo finds nearly $4 billion in green-tech stimulus funds went to WH-connected firms: Hot Air
Napolitano acknowledges ‘lots of mistakes’ in Fast and Furious gun sting: Chron
Hippies hate Heartland: Bayonet

Climate & Energy

Oh, Those Green Supremacists: Driscoll
Officials: Eastern Europe's cold snap kills more than 600: USA Today
Level-pegging?: EUReferendum


Media Matters tax-exempt status may face new scrutiny from Congress: DC
Media Matters took $600K for gun control while carrying?: Hot Air
Jack Kennedy, 'Elusive Hero,' Has No Clothes: IBD

Obama Media begin the Blatant Faking of Obama Poll Numbers: CDN
New York Times/CBS Gin Up Polls For Obama: S&L
Condoms, Two-Bit Whores, And Sluts At CPAC: Hawkins

Rachel Maddow and my lesson in civility: RWN
Whitney Houston Critics Called Her ‘Too White’ — Black Republicans Can Relate: RWN
Beckel: We Must Subsidize Women's Contraceptives Because of Crackheads, or Something: Tatler

The Scrubbing To Benefit Obama Has Begun: iOTW
A Point By Point Commentary On Keith Olbermann’s “Debunking” Of The Occupy Rape: Stranahan
Levin: Obama would agree with Hobbes' "Leviathan" and Wilson's "Constitutional Government": MRC TV


Obama's Unilateral Disarmament Of The U.S.: Howling
Joint chiefs chair: Chinese hacking not necessarily a hostile act : CNN
Farage On Greek Chaos: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet": ZH

Ruh Roh: Moody’s places almost all EU banks on alert: TAB
Bangkok bombers planned to attack Israeli diplomats, say Thai police: Guardian
Brit teen severely beaten by “Asian” gang: Creeping

Anatomy of a Smear: 'The Third Jihad' Fights Back: Clarion
Tampa parents rip school for letting controversial Muslim group speak to students: Fox
Top Foreign Policy Reps Urge Obama not to cut Israeli Missile Defense Funding: Beacon


Anti-Gravity Yoga: Daily Mail
'App-gate' serves reminder: You're on your own: CNet
Site Hack, Continued: ProWis


Join the MOTUS Truth Team: Expose the Lies: MOTUS
President Eisenhower Met With Aliens (with actual photo): Spew
Mass. parents sue to remove 'under God' from pledge: Times

Image: John Hawkins
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "Obama is a master divider, and I believe that once he has convinced a majority of American women that contraception is a “right” that should be free, he can then divide people of faith against one other and against their own church leaders. He also believes that persuading a few liberal Catholic groups to support his “compromise” ends the discussion. Someone compared this to forcing all Jews to eat pork chops just because some of them don’t keep kosher.

It is long past time that Christian leaders stood up in their pulpits and declared that a vote for Barack Obama is a vote against God. Just imagine if every Bible believing minister in America made that announcement to their congregations the Sunday before the election. Then, try to imagine what a second Obama term might look like." --Doug Patton

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