Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 10 Signs That the Obama Administration is Finally Embracing Transparency

10. Ubiquitous circular Obama logo replaced by artist's rendering of Nancy Pelosi's face without plastic surgery
9. John Boehner's phone no longer tapped
8. Live spy-cam catches Michelle slamming down sliders
7. Death Panel Bingo
6. Sign-up sheets posted for White House pickup basketball games
5. Unemployment statistics now distributed directly to media by David Axelrod
8. Parking validated for Republicans who visit White House
4. HBO documentary: "The Body Man and the Jacuzzi"
3. SEIU goons instructed to only taze Kenny Gladney, not break his legs
2. Gas Price Wheel of Fortune
1. ATF operation offers free Tek-9's to all DC-area crack dealers

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QueMan said...

You must have had a nightmare last night Doug...