Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Romney Sweeps to Double Republican Primary Victory

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GOP Primary

Romney Sweeps to Double Republican Primary Victory: RCP
Governor Palin Talks To The NY Times About Michigan: C4P
Romney Regains Frontrunner Status: Barnes

Romney whining about Santorum robocalls to Dems: Scoop
Santorum appealing to some unlikely voters: Democrats: DC
Ann Althouse Poll Makes Strong Case For Romney: Glob


Health Care Law Hurting Obama in Swing States: Malkin
McConnell Blocks Conservative Effort Against Obamacare: RS
Media Partners in Crime with WikiLeaks?: NoisyRm

JW Sues Justice Department for More Kagan Docs: BigGovt
DHS: Tea Party extremists; Occupiers are peaceful activists: GWP
I did not have this much sex in law school.: NakedDC

Chicago's Cardinal Warns Of An ObamaCare Gulag: IBD
Obama Pulls TX Medicaid Over Planned Parenthood Dispute: LifeNews
Flaming Maine RINO Olympia Snowe will not run for re-election: FAM


The Autoworkers Obama Left Behind: Malkin
Not One Penny More For America's Welfare State: IBD
Change: Home Prices Plunge to 2006 Levels: Times

Scandal Central

Holder loses cool during House hearing when asked about Fast and Furious: DC
Using .Gov Domain & Obama’s Mother, DNC Propaganda Targets Women: RS
LightSquared CEO resigns amid revelations of company’s proximity to Obama White House: DC

Climate & Energy

Keystone XL: OK to TX gets OK: Bayonet
Will the EPA’s new climate rules get killed in court?: WaPo
Mount Everest becoming unclimbable due to climate change: GlobPost


Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth: NYT
Dershowitz: ‘Media Matters’ spews hate speech against Jews: J4S
NYT's Bill Keller: Santorum Wants "Christian Version Of Sharia Law": RCP

Joan Walsh’s Bigoted Attack On Romney’s Faith; Obama Former Speechwriter Joins In: Loesch
Media Matters: Hey, Let’s Investigate the Private Lives of Fox News Reporters!: Patterico
Straight Talk From Ted Nugent: Moonbattery


The Obama Domino Doctrine: Pro-Iran/Anti-Saudi: Langfan
WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel codes for defense system sold to Iran: ynet
George Osborne: UK has run out of money: Telegraph

Report: Israel won't warn U.S. before striking Iran: Times
Obama To Iran Green Revolution Dissidents: Drop Dead: IBD
Illegal immigrant runs for student body president at Texas A&M: Chron

Christian Soldiers Banned from The Quran in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan: BlackFive
Saving Muslims From Themselves: Sultan Knish
Egyptian judges withdraw from Americans' trial: USA Today


Big asteroid could pose threat to Earth in 2040: Fox
Video: Navy Fires Off Its New, Weaponized Railgun: Wired
25 Alleged Anons Arrested in International Crackdown: Wired


America Built to be Last: the NEA Edition: MOTUS
Sad Hill News Featured On Michael Savage’s Website Today: SHN
Extreme Marathon in the Amazon Jungle: ABC

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