Saturday, October 13, 2012

HEY, EVERYTHING'S JUST SUPER BETWEEN THE CLINTONS AND OBAMA: At least, according to the Administration Press

Some AP propagandist-in-training named "Andrew Miga" (if that is his real name) was apparently instructed to push back against reports of open and escalating warfare between the Clintons and the White House.

Which is how piece of dreck came to be posted about an hour ago on the AP wire.

Bill Clinton's back in the campaign game big time

...The Obama campaign said Saturday it was pairing Clinton with another heavyweight, rocker Bruce Springsteen, at a rally this coming Thursday in Ohio, one of the most pivotal states.

Obama himself has cracked that he should appoint Clinton "secretary of explaining stuff." ... The lighthearted tone and determined cooperation between Obama and Clinton is hard-won and may not end with the 2012 campaign.

...If Obama has Bill Clinton to thank for a second term, one way to pay back the debt could be Obama's support for a Hillary Clinton campaign of the future.

Among voters generally, Bill Clinton is more appealing than Obama. A CBS News/New York Times poll in September found 66 percent of registered voters with a favorable view of Clinton, compared with 45 percent for Obama. ... Clinton rocketed out of the party's convention in Charlotte, N.C., last month energized by the massive crowd's roaring reaction to his partly ad-libbed call to arms. Clinton plunged into a two-day swing in Florida and has since added stops for Obama in a string of political battlegrounds.

During one recent week, Clinton:

• joined Obama at a meeting with about a dozen supporters at a private residence in Los Angeles.
• hosted a fundraiser with about 160 people who bought tickets starting at $1,000.
• spoke at a rally for four northern California Democrats in tight House races.
• was in Nevada for a rally for Obama and Democratic Senate candidate Shelley Berkley.
• was at Arizona State University rally with Democratic Senate candidate Richard Carmona.
• then came stops in Iowa and Indiana for more rallies with Senate and congressional candidates as well as fundraising events.

He's expected to keep up the pace until Election Day, Nov. 6... All told, Clinton has appeared at no fewer than 32 fundraisers and 15 rallies for Obama. One big-ticket reception at a private New York City residence with Clinton last June drew 47 people who paid $40,000 apiece.

...Some Democrats fret Clinton could overshadow Obama. A Pew Research Center poll last month showed 29 percent of those surveyed said Clinton's convention speech was the highlight of the party gathering, while just 16 percent called Obama's speech the highlight.

But there's no hiding the Clinton magic during an election year.

And there's no hiding the spin of an Associated Press "news" article during an election year!

When I think of Bill Clinton, I don't think of magic. I think of a convicted, impeached perjurer who sexually abused a series of women including an intern in the White House, opening himself up for blackmail, thereby putting the entire country at risk.

But this is the AP we're talking about; they'd find themselves quite at home covering Chavez, Castro and North Korea's bloated dictator, whatever the hell his name is.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


QueMan said...

slick willie/billy boy could do the whole country not to mention the world a favor by coming out and telling everyone not to vote for barry after he threw hitlary under the bus...but alas he won't because there is too much money to make every time he opens his mouth to suck on that cigar...

Kathy from Kansas said...

In your capsule descriptions of Clinton, please don't forget "TRAITOR" who sold U.S. missile secrets to China for campaign donations!!

The_Bad said...

"I think of a convicted, impeached perjurer who sexually abused a series of women including an intern in the White House, opening himself up for blackmail, thereby putting the entire country at risk."

Let's not forget that he looked directly into the camera and stated unequivocally a direct lie to the American people.