Saturday, October 13, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Laughing at the Serious Issues: The Astounding Obama/Biden Miscalculation

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Laughing at the Issues: The Astounding Obama/Biden Miscalculation: Bruce
Brokaw: Not a good idea to be laughing during nuclear Iran discussion: Exam
Ryan to Biden: If you're protecting Catholics, why are they suing you?: Knight

Biden, Obama run a campaign straight from the 1980s: Barone
When Biden was being a jerk to Paul Ryan, he was being a jerk to you!: Scoop
Biden and Obama aren’t part of the White House: Hayward

New Hobby: Speculating How Hillary Will Retaliate Against Obama: HillBuzz
Hillary tossed under the bus to provide cover for Biden, White House: Malkin
As Benghazi blame nears Hillary, Clintons grow furious: DC


CEO Wynn: ‘I’m Afraid of the President': CNS
Obama Scores Dictator Trifecta: JW
Ex-TSA agent: We steal from travelers all the time: RT

Are Budget Cuts to Blame for Benghazi, as Biden Suggested?: Beast
Damn You to Hell, James Pogue: RSM
WaPo: Mr. Obama, Stop Blaming Bush for the Economic Crisis: CFIF

Scandal Central

ATF Whistleblower Fired For Exposing Corruption: Pavlich
On 9/11/12, There Was A Marine Detachment In Barbados, But Not Benghazi: Cove
Jesse Jackson Jr. under federal investigation over alleged financial improprieties: NBC

Climate & Energy

Germany’s Renewable Energy Unicorn Hunt Stumbles, Again: Mead
Ethical Investing In Green Energies Has Turned Into A Nightmare: Insider


Hillary, Barack Needs You To Take The Fall And Kiss Your Political Career Goodbye: Flopping Aces
Media To Candy Crowley: Protect Obama And Praise You Like Martha Raddatz: Ace
Raddatz Visited Biden at His Residence in March: WS

The Clinton-Obama Rift: Klein
Laughing All the Way to the Bank Collapse: Steyn
Romney Rising? Tied with Obama in Nevada, Leads in Swing States: AIM

American Jewry's cherished values: Glick
Democrats’ Folly: How bad will Obama’s loss really be?: HillBuzz
Obama's refusal to deport illegal aliens unconstitutional, say law professors: Fox


Did Intelligence Tell WH There Were Protests in Benghazi?: Commentary
Ex-CIA head slams Biden: ‘blaming those who put their lives on the line’ is not leadership: Riehl
Muslim comic book teaches kids how to make Molotov cocktails: Creeping

Intercepted Benghazi Phone Call: Al Qaeda Would Proceed With Planned Attack: Ace
VP Debate: Joe Biden’s Three Most Misleading Foreign Policy Statements: Foundry
Meet Obama’s Wahhabist Relatives: FPM

Lara Logan: “Our Way of Life is Under Attack”: FPM
Democrats launch sexist attack against Warthog driver Martha McSally (R CAND, AZ-02): Moe Lane
Ryan warns gun control is coming if Obama reelected: Exam


Stop UN Regulation of the Internet: Morris
What Kids in 1977 Thought the Year 2000 Would Look Like: Gizmodo
Google readying on-device malware scanner for Android: Register


Plugs, Unplugged.: MOTUS
LMAO! New RNC Video: Joe Biden Says What He Means: NoisyRm
New Video Puts Biden On The Funny Farm: Spew

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QOTD: "On the campaign trail in the week after the presidential debate, Obama mentioned Big Bird 13 times — 13 times more than he mentioned Libya.

And the Obama campaign rolled out a 30-second spot showing Mitt Romney saying “Big Bird” several times. Even liberals labeled it the worst TV ad they had ever seen.

But someone in the Obama campaign — and remember that the campaign always reflects the candidate — thought hitting Romney for defunding PBS, “Sesame Street” and Big Bird would be devastating.

Never mind that “Sesame Street” gets little money from the government and has an endowment in the hundreds of millions. As the Sesame folks assured us, Big Bird is going to continue to be on the air whatever Romney does." --Michael Barone


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Anonymous said...

What are the president’s plans to protect US from Iranian Nukes?
What are the president’s plans to protect US from Islamic radicals?
What are the president’s plans to protect US from al qaeda terrorists?
What are the president’s plans to keep US from an economic collapse?
What are the president’s plans to keep Medicare from going Bankrupt?
What are the president’s plans to keep Social Security from going Bankrupt?
What are his plans, period?