Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Jim Jordan on the Verge of a Horatius Moment

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Jim Jordan on the Verge of a Horatius Moment: Erick Erickson
Republicans with a Backbone against Boehner For Speaker: Julie Borowski
Gohmert says he's rounding up 29 votes to defeat Boehner: Susan Ferrechio

Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year: David Catron
Hilarious: Harvard bitten by the Obamacare monster it helped spawn: Moe Lane
The ‘Equality’ Racket: Thomas Sowell

Two NYPD cops shot by suspect who came out guns blazing: DailyMail
Navy Vet Sues Governor Cuomo After He Has Guns Confiscated: MenRec
ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Practice to Go After Home-Made Gun Makers: AmmoLand

Corruption won't be tolerated. Unless it's massive and benefits the Left: GP
Hillary Out? Democrats Should Beware ‘The National Enquirer’: Roger L. Simon
Top Iowa Democrats Slow to Rally Around Hillary: Reid Epstein, Peter Nicholas


Teachers Union Funding Wisconsin Anti-Police Protests: Nathan Schacht
How to Eliminate Almost Every Federal Agency: Jason Plautz
Detroit is back? Obama will visit Ford plant idled due to lack of demand: Marathon

Scandal Central

Journalist Computer Intrusion Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Government: Sharyl Attkisson
Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein: Daily Mail
Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts ‘is writing a tell-all memoir': Daily Mail

Loretta Lynch questioned over secret deal depriving fraud victims of $40M: Times
Justice Dept. Caught Scooping Up Civilian Data From Fake Cell Phone Towers: Jacqueline Bodnar
Timothy DeFoggi – Obama HHS head gets 25 years for child porn: FAM

Climate & Energy

Pope Francis, the Climate and Leftism: Dennis Prager
Dems Push Keystone XL Amendments That Could Make It Hard For Obama To Veto: Cove
Hurts So Good: When Exactly Are Falling Prices Bad?: Peter Schiff


Joint letter: Conservative leaders call on House Republicans to fire John Boehner: BPR
The immature president. EVIL.: Don Surber
Book Review: The Media and Financial Crises: Comparative and Historical Perspectives: LSE

WashPost: McConnell Pledges to Avoid 'Scary' Excesses and 'Strident Stands' of 'Far Right': Tim Graham
Differences Between Civil Rights Movement of 1963 and Today’s Illicit Nonsense is Stark: Warner Todd Huston
Liberals in Meltdown Mode Over a Former NYPD Officer’s Tweet to Black Brunch Protesters: Sooper

Roger Stone: Obama Makes Nixon ‘Look Like a Boy Scout’: Bret Scher
Boehner lackey attacks Gohmert and Yoho, calls them ‘unprofessional’: Scoop
The Vine: Breeanne Howe


Wiping Israel off the maps: Michael Curtis, The Commentator
Cuba: What are the names of the 53 prisoners?: Fausta
Israel Story: Jeff Mesnik

Illegals Can’t Pass Cali's DMV Written Test – It’s Obviously Bigoted: Tony Lee
California Taxpayers to SUBSIDIZE Auto Insurance for Illegal Aliens: CaPoliticalReview
Obama's other immigration problem: Brian Hughes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Forget the Sony Hack, This Could Be the Biggest Cyber Attack of 2015 : DefenseOne
Audi’s driverless car heading from Bay Area to Las Vegas for CES: Chris Preovolos
CES: Oh, the Amazing Things You Will See: TNW


HarperCollins Revisionist History and Geography Series: Cube
Cause and Effect: LL101
Son allegedly killed hedge-funder dad after $200 allowance cut: Post

Image: Hillary Out? Democrats Should Beware ‘The National Enquirer’
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: How to personally DESTROY John Boehner!

QOTD: "Even the most politically inept individual could see that all Republicans had to do to run the board was pass a short term continuing resolution funding government at the exact same levels until Republicans took control of the Senate in the new year. That Speaker Boehner chose to pass a spending bill for the entire year instead of waiting to control both chambers is illustrative of either a) complete alignment with the Democrats and President Obama or b) incompetence of an almost unimaginable magnitude.

Neither of those are qualities you want in an individual who holds the third most powerful position in the United States government.

We encourage our members in every state to contact their representatives and ask them to vote for anyone other than Speaker Boehner for the position of Speaker. Boehner has proven time after time he is as out of touch with the average Republican voter as President Obama is out of touch with the average American.

The House switchboard phone number is 202-224-3121." --Matt Nye

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