Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The 112 broken promises Mr. Obama made in previous SOTU speeches

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The 112 broken promises Mr. Obama made in previous SOTU speeches: Jason Pye
In His Last State of the Union, Obama Disastrously Boasted of an End of War: Ace
Obama boasts he's "stopping" the "advance" of ISIS: WZ

Forever Determined To Let Us Know He Won: Erick Erickson
The Top Five Takeaways From The #SOTU: Caleb Howe
While Obama bashes constant fundraising...: WZ

WTH: Islamic Opening Prayer to Allah in the House of Reps: Clash
Congressman Confirms Obama Likely Blackmailing Petraeus: ConTrib
Early Presidential Prospects: Thomas Sowell


A Tale of Two Very Different Cities: Heather Mac Donald
Cadillac Tax: Clunker for Labor, Opportunity for GOP: Betsy McCaughey
Citigroup’s $150 Million in Currency Losses Deserve a Closer Look: WSOP

56% of Americans Think Obama Has Done Nothing To Help The Economy: Erick Erickson
Switzerland Wins As Its Central Bank Surrenders: Peter Schiff
Obamacare's Slow Death?: Richard A. Epstein

Scandal Central

McCaul Border Bill a Trojan Horse for Amnesty: Daniel Horowitz
TSA Whistleblower Confirms Illegal Aliens May Board Planes With CA Licenses: GotNews
The “NAACP Bombing” … or The Barbershop Bang?: Michelle Malkin

Climate & Energy

A 290% increase in the gasoline tax would be good for consumers: RS
Y2Kyoto: Horse, Barn: SDA
Obama: Greatest Danger Not Terrorism or Debt: It's "Climate Change": Treehouse


Clint Eastwood Just Sent Michael Moore A Wake Up Call He’ll Never Forget: Qpolitical
CAIR Joins Lib Hate-Fest for American Sniper, Calls Chris Kyle ‘Hate-Filled Killer’: GWP
Shocker: MSNBC Guest Who Made Racist Remarks About Bobby Jindal is an Obama Donor: JWF

When Krugman Sneezes, Kausfiles Catches Cold!: Mickey Kaus
Rupert Murdoch Quietly Ditches Longtime Institution of the Page 3 Girl as "Old-Fashioned": Ace
MSNBC Hosts Lead Chorus of Vile Misogynist Tweets Against Republican Joni Ernst: Sooper


More on Islamic State, the God-damned* death cult now running large sections of Iraq and Syria: Moe Lane
Islamic State executing ‘educated women,’ UN says: Times of Israel
Report: ISIS Trying To Shoot Down U.S. A-10 Warthogs With MANPADS In Iraq: WZ

The Valerie Jarrett Comedy Hour: “We Do Think Our Strategy Is Working” Against ISIS: WZ
Israel Moves Tanks to Northern Border Following Hezbollah-Iranian Invasion Threats: GWP
Home Depot Just Made a Decision That Will Likely Alienate At Least Half their Customers: Steve Straub

Does Europe Have No-go Zones?: Daniel Pipes
Jews, outnumbered by Muslims, suffer under mob rule: Jonah Goldberg
NBC’s Richard Engel Blasts Obama’s Foreign Policy Claims as Wishful Thinking: WFB

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hubble takes “largest picture ever” and it’s stunning: RedOrbit
Microsoft Research wants to use lasers to recharge phones: Slashgear
Dish found not to infringe Fox's copyright by letting users stream programs: IT World


Film Study: Auburn most capable of replicating Ohio State’s success: Murf Baldwin
SOTU Preview: Dress to Kill and Soak the Rich: MOTUS
Obamacare Site Quietly Relays Personal Data To 3rd Party Advertising Companies: WZ

Image: The Top Five Takeaways From The #SOTU
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QOTD: "Barack Obama, commentators on both sides of the aisle have noted, often seems insecure. In an impromptu moment last night, he again had to point out he won twice. The left loved it. It was not in the prepared remarks, but in a speech entirely catering to the left, there was probably some planning.

It did, however, undermine all the bipartisan overtones of his speech. He may have won twice, but thanks to him, the GOP has won Congress, Governors Mansions, and State Legislatures galore in both 2010 and 2014. In fact, Barack Obama last night spoke to the fewest Democrats in Congress in 90 years.

...As you are reading this, Barack Obama’s tenure ends in less than two years. In a year, he will see a member of his own party distance himself or herself from the President in order to win. The President is right. He has no races left to win.

And thanks to his leadership, he has very little legacy to left to defend. The world is a far more dangerous place than when Barack Obama took office. The nation is far more divided. And Republicans should commit themselves to seeing that Barack Obama’s legacy lies on the ash heap of history." --Erick Erickson

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