Saturday, January 31, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Grim Milestone --- 1,000 of Obama's Released Criminal Illegals Commit New Crimes

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1,000 of Obama's Released Criminal Illegals Commit New Crimes: Sharyl Attkisson
Hagel: I Was Pressured by Obama to Release Gitmo Detainees: Treehouse
Obama Admin Delays Deportation Hearings for Illegals Until 2019: Breitbart

Obama Squirms to Dodge the Truth: James Lewis
Obama's Taliban Tools and Treachery: Michelle Malkin
Federal Judge Accuses DOJ Attorneys: “Fraud Upon the Court”: Sharyl Attkisson

Republicans Who Vote for Loretta Lynch Support a Dictatorship: Sara Noble
2016: It's All About the Base: Tom Blumer
Can Scott Walker Be 2016’s Un-Romney?: Simon Blum


A grim warning cry on soaring US debt: Betsy McCaughey
Watch as Josh Earnest forced to admit Obama misled the public: Noah Rothman
Where School Dollars Go to Waste: Terrance F. Ross

Scandal Central

Admirals, Generals: Pentagon Tapes Indict Hillary: Jerome Corsi
Student Leader: 'Hamas & Shariah Law Have Taken Over UC Davis': Daniel Mael
ABCs of IRS mess: Justice Department is tainted, too: Micah Morrison

Climate & Energy

The EPA’s Unconstitutional Highway Funding Threat: Phil Kerpen
Climate's best hope: Another Bush?: Politico
Time’s Jeffrey Kluger writes what may be the stupidest article about climate ever: WUWT


‘American Sniper’s’ Iraqi Interpreter Puts Claims of Kyle’s Racism to Rest with Powerful Statement: Justen Charters
American Sniper Eclipses Saving Private Ryan: #1 Domestic Grossing War Film Of All Time: Stephen Kruiser
QOTD: Bill's Idle Mind

DC Establishment in Panic: Popular Talk Radio Host Has 5 More Years to Spread Influence: Jen Kuznicki
The Great Betrayal: How Liberals Appease Islam: Nick Cohen
Genius Biden: 'Past Six Years Have Really Been Hard for This Country': WS


Report: Obama Has Already Given Iran 80% Of What They Want.: Lid
Why Obama's Israel-Bashers Request Anonymity: Algemeiner
Young Christian Boy Who Escaped From Boko Haram Tells Incredible Story: WZ

Christian Woman Takes Over Podium at Muslim Event: “Islam will never dominate the U.S.": FreedomOutpost
The Worst Form of Inequality: Michael Devolin
'Ferocity' of China crackdown 'unseen in recent years': AFP

Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers Over English Channel: Mac Slavo
Islamic State Caliph Al-Baghdadi Calls Taliban Leader Mullah Omar An “Illiterate Warlord”: WZ
Report: Joint Mossad-CIA operation killed key Hezbollah leader Mughniyeh in 2008: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Obama’s Government Takeover of WiFi: Erik Telford
SHOT Disappointments: MSW
Scientists use 20 billion fps camera to film a laser in flight : ExtremeTech


Birth certificates ask parents if ‘woman giving birth’ is female: Post
Treasure hunter who found a fortune in gold is captured : AP
New Descriptions of World War II Collections Available Online: Hoover

Image: Student Leader: 'Hamas & Shariah Law Have Taken Over UC Davis'
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QOTD: "In a newly unsealed, Dec. 1, 2014, court ruling that legal experts said was highly unusual, Allegra accused seven Justice Department lawyers of "fraud upon the court, banned them from making any further filings in the case and took the unusual step of directly notifying Attorney General Eric Holder.

“In 40 years of legal practice, government and private, I've never seen that done,” said David Hardy, a constitutional law expert who formerly worked in the U.S. Solicitor General’s Office.

Allegra said the government attorneys may have intimidated a witness and charged that seven of them may have kept illegal behavior secret from the court." -- William La Jeunesse, Maxim Lott

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