Sunday, January 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: "Smoking Ruins And Crying Widows"

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"Smoking Ruins And Crying Widows": Springer
The meaning of peace in Islam: Diane Weber Bederman
Blasphemy for Me, But Not For Thee: Matthew Continetti

Obama Imported 300,000 Muslims Into the US in 2013: WAW
Guess who else Obama is dumping onto your state welfare troughs?: BNI
Obama absent as world leaders gather to protest Islamic terror: Thomas Lifson

GOP Makes First Move Against Obamacare: AmInt
The coming Republican failure on immigration: Byron York
GOP sets up fight over Social Security disability fund: Joseph Lawler

Enough Part 3: Coping With The Objectors: Liberty's Torch
Je Suis Sick and Tired of Cant: Clarice Feldman
Obama’s remarks on Paris shooting ‘Shariah-compliant’: WND

Jeb In 94: I Would Do ‘Probably Nothing’ For African-Americans: Scott Greer
Centrist angst over Dems' leftward lurch: Susan Crabtree
2015: The year Democrats change Obamacare?: Silvio Canto, Jr.

Scandal Central

HHS execs living large, flying first class around the world: Luke Rosiak
The U.S. Govt. vs. Gen. David Petraeus: Sharyl Attkisson
GOP senators slam FBI's recommendation to charge David Petraeus: Justin Green

Climate & Energy

Ben Santer tries to explain ‘the pause’ in global warming: WUWT
How To Prepare For The Imminent 30-Year Cold Spell (You’ve Probably Never Heard Of): OTGN
More Mann Grafting: Steve McIntyre


Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo: NRO
Moderate Muslims Criticize the Charlie Hebdo Attacks: Patterico
On week Islamists murder over ‘offensive’ cartoon, Obama’s DOJ hammers Redskins: Scoop

Dem Dilemma: Hillary “very old, slow” but Elizabeth Warren unelectable: Flopping Aces
Cultural Marxism Strikes Again in Aftermath of Gun Store Robbery: Treehouse
CNN’s Cuomo and Amanpour suffer self-inflicted beclownings covering terrorist attack in France: Doug Powers


There was no “Intelligence Failure” in Paris: 20 Committee
Report: Jihadist Sleeper Cells Activated Throughout France: Treehouse
German paper that printed French cartoons firebombed: Fox

2,000 Dead in Boko Haram Assault on Africa?: BattleSwarm
Two Muslim Heroes of Paris Terror Attacks : LI
Muslim Behavior/Terrorism Correlated With Population Size: Common Sense Evaluation

Those who refuse to learn from history etc: Cold Fury
Boko Haram Sends 10-Year-Old Girl as Suicide Bomber To Market…. 20 Dead: Treehouse
For first time since WWI, Paris’ Grand Synagogue closed on Shabbat: JTA

Negotiators head to Iran nuclear talks under pressure for a deal: Charles Hoskinson
When I Questioned the History of Muhammad: Tom Holland
Old Nazis Never Die: Nicholas Kulish

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sony Pictures CEO: call to Google got 'The Interview' out: Tami Abdollah
The Latest Russian Fighter Jet Blows America's Away: Federico Pieraccini
Flexible spinal cord implants will let paralyzed people walk: Jon Fingas


Just When You Think It Couldn’t Get Worse…: MOTUS
People's Cube commissars stage mock show trial in Ferguson: Cube
Cartoon: BYOD Meets Internet of Things: Dark Reading

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QOTD: "Can you imagine the media reaction if just one Christian murdered just one person as a reprisal for some offensive joke or provocative cartoon? We’d be ready to ban the entire religion in this country. Progressives are so desperate to prove that Christianity is just as violent as Islam that they frequently cite the murder of abortion doctors as an example. Only, none of those attacks were carried out in the name of Jesus. As far as I’m aware, none of the murderers shouted “Praise be to Christ” when they pulled the trigger. And how many incidents are we even talking about here? I’ll tell you: eight. Eight abortionists and abortion clinic workers have been killed in the U.S. in the past 40 years. It’s happened once in the last decade and a half. Once.

Yet Christians are held to such a high standard that even these extraordinarily rare killings, not even done in the name of the faith, and always condemned by nearly every prominent Christian, are cited in almost every conversation about religious violence. Meanwhile, Muslims just gunned down 12 people over a cartoon this morning, and what do we immediately hear? Islam is a religion of peace.

A White House spokesman came out within hours of the attack and spent about 40 seconds condemning the violence before immediately repeating this same slogan. While another dozen bodies lay dead in the street, we’re told that it all happened at the hands of a “peaceful” religion. (But at least he didn’t repeat Obama’s quote from 2012: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”) This is a sick joke. Islamist militant wreak havoc across the globe, and the best our simpering, kowtowing, politically correct leaders can do is continuously suck up to the religion that produces these travesties like it’s operating some kind of terrorist assembly line. It’s pathetic. It’s shameful." --Matt Walsh

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