Monday, January 26, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Immigration Officers Blast GOP Border Bill: ‘Where Is the Outrage?’

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Immigration Officers Blast GOP Border Bill: ‘Where Is the Outrage?’: MRC
Diseased illegals spreading Measles in California?: FAM
He Stands With Them: William Pollack

Former ISIS Prisoner: “They Want Something Worse Than 9/11″: LI
Behind Obama’s love affair with Iran: Steve Apfel
Valerie Jarrett Cornered: Releasing Gitmo Prisoners Make Americans Safer?: UFP

The Iowa Corral: Erick Erickson
What Bobby Jindal Gets about Islam: Andrew C. McCarthy
Vanderbilt Prof Under Fire for Criticizing Islam: CI

Scott Walker takes Iowa by storm: Cameron Joseph
Don't Count Out the Anti-Establishment Republicans: Albert R. Hunt
Senate GOP May Eliminate Filibuster For Supreme Court Nominees: OTB


Greek fiasco is Europe's fiasco too: Commentator
America's Losing the Currency War: Leonid Bershidsky
Moonbat Professors: Pedophilia Is “Natural For Males": WZ

Scandal Central

White House going nuclear on Netanyahu: Michael Goodwin
Financial Crisis Commission report rigged to punish banks, protect Democrats: RS
Judge alleges ‘fraud on the court’ by government attorneys in Dobyns case: David Codrea

Climate & Energy

Obama closes off much of Alaska refuge to drilling: Exam
Days after claiming credit for increased oil production, Obama moves to limit it: Thomas Lifson
Pollution Pimp Pharrell Williams Wants To Fight Climate Change: Surge


Chuck Todd Finds No Fault In Obama For Refusing Netanyahu Meeting: CNS
WaPo Fact-Checker Gives “Three Pinocchios” to Obama’s SOTU Claims on Iran Nuke Program: The Tower
New Documentary Exposes Dangers of Gun-Free Zones: Bullets First

Newspeak Update! Illegal Aliens Called ‘Undocumented CITIZENS’ by Newspaper: Sooper
‘Meet The Press’ Panel Hits GOP Over Iowa ‘Freedom Summit’: Jeffrey Meyer
Who Was It That Was Telling Me That the Daily Mail is Right-Wing?: iOTWreport

American Sniper Continues To Break Box Office Records, Nearly $250 Million So Far: WZ
A Logical Consequence: Erick Erickson
Florida is now an official target for UBC. Shannon Watts lets it slip.: GFZ


Journalist: Prosecutor Tied Rouhani to Argentina Terror Attack: The Tower
Saudi Arabia's Kryptonite: John Robb
The Age of Islamic Terror–1991 to present: John Ruberry

Attack leaves 140 million people w/o power in Pakistan: John Robb
Report: Iranian general was killed in Israeli strike because he didn't turn off his phone: JPost
ISIS Executes Seven Women In Mosul For Refusing ‘Temporary Marriage’: WZ

Putin’s Secret Friends in Paris: 20 Committee
Support the Ukraine: Trevor Loudon
Jewish Agency-affiliated think tank composes aliyah plan for 120,000 French Jews: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In the Trenches with the F-35: AmInt
IBM is about to get hit with a massive reorg and layoffs: Andy Patrizio


Trevor Loudon Speaking in Florida, Alabama, Delaware, Southern California and DC.: Trevor Loudon
The MSM, Athletic Supporters That They Are, Will Sniff Out the Truth: MOTUS
The New England Patriots Prevention of Fumbles is Nearly Impossible: Sharp

Image: Support the Ukraine
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QOTD: "These martyrdoms [attacks on Hezbollah and Iranian targets by Israel in Syria] proved the need to stick with jihad. The Zionists must await ruinous thunderbolts." --Obama's "partners in peace", the leadership of Iran

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