Thursday, January 29, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Decline and Fall of Obama's America

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The Decline and Fall of Obama's America: Ben Stein
Just in Case You Didn't Know, You Were Lied to About Executive Amnesty: Leon Wolf
Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders Hosted at State Department: WFB

Scumbag Reid demands amendment votes he blocked for years: Guy Benson
Obama facing Democrat revolt over coddling Iran: RS
CBO: ObamaCare spends $50,000 per person who gets insured: The Week

Our *** President Drops His *** Proposal to Tax Savings of the Middle Class: Ace
Democratic Congressman: Strong GOP Support For Israel Due to Money: BuzzFeed
Pelosi: I hope Romney is the GOP nominee: Mike Lillis

Jindal: ‘That’s Not Immigration…That’s Colonization’: TR
As You Drive, So You Are Watched : NRO
Oops: Vermont senate leader pitches gun control at massive gun rally: Bruce Parker


The debt and deficit explained so even liberal progressives can understand it: Allen West
Follow the Money: Center for American Progress: Chris Walker
The Wreck Of The Monetary Hesperus: David Stockman

Scandal Central

This Is Not Your Grandma's Humane Society: SDA
WH Refuses to Release Time Records of Key Attorney in IRS Scandal Investigation: JW
AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Belonged to Jew-Hating, Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group: GotNews (2014)

Climate & Energy

MIT Prof Calls Global Warming Alarmists a Cult: CI
Another Snow Job: Cal Thomas
Cubitat: 10-by-10-Foot Home: MB


Multicultural Meltdown: James Jackson
When in Riyadh, Don’t Do as Royals Do: RWN
Everytown’s “Hiding In Plain Sight” Report Falsified Claims, May Spur Lawsuit: Bob Owens

CBS Omits AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Saying Illegals Have a Right to Work in America: MRC
Only CBS Notices Obama Abandoning College Savings Tax Amid Bipartisan Opposition: MRC
The message of School Choice Week: ‘Parents know better than bureaucrats’: Twitchy


Obama, Netanyahu And Congress: The Real Inside Story Raises Further Questions: Joshua
Iranian Military Repeatedly Threatens to Attack Israel: The Tower
General Keene: Al Qaeda In Iraq Intercept in 2008 Said, “This War Is Over – We Have Lost”: Nice Deb

Can Israel survive?: Victor Davis Hanson
Why Congress Won't Be to Blame If Nuclear Talks with Iran Fail: National Interest
Why Putin Will Lose: 20 Committee

Pentagon: 'Eventually There's Going to Have to Be a Fight for Mosul': CNS
ISIS has inadvertently sent Japan a blunt message: Militarize: The Week
Raúl Castro demands that US return Guantánamo base to Cuba: Guardian

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Complies with Turkish Orders to Block Pages Insulting Islam: Andrew Johnson
Mozilla Deploying High-capacity Tor Middle Relays: Hacker News
This Flexible Skin Patch Could Use Friction to Power Your Wearables: Gizmodo


D.C. Whispers: Bill Clinton Literally Hangs Up On Obama W.H.: Ulsterman
Historic Snow Jobs: MOTUS
Caption This! Why So Sad Jen?: Tammy Bruce

Image: Obama's Partner in Peace Iran Repeatedly Threatens to Attack Israel
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: BadBlue Gun News

QOTD: "The last time you filled up your cart at Walmart or checked your balance with your account at Bank of America you were likely making a decision based on the cost benefits and convenience of doing business. You probably weren’t thinking, “I’m supporting the ‘official Hillary Clinton think tank’ today,” but you were.

These companies are just two of many that you’ll likely recognize which were listed last week in the [radical, anit-American leftist group called] Center for American Progress’s (CAP) release of their 2014 corporate donors...

...The corporate money that funds CAP directly supports an overtly liberal agenda. Conservatives should take notices and contact companies like Apple, CitiGroup, Google, Mars, Microsoft, Walmart, Bank of America, Daimler, Goldman Sachs, PepsiCo, Time Warner, Visa, American Express, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coca-Cola, CVS, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Pearson, PG&E, Samsung, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo and ask some simple questions:

• Why did your company give to the Center for American Progress?
• What issues or values does the Center for American Progress share with your company?
• Will your company continue donating to this partisan/liberal group in 2015?" --Chris Walker

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