Thursday, January 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: New GOP "Border Security" Bill Removes Border Fences

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New GOP "Border Security" Bill Removes Border Fences: Neil Munro
Black Activists in Chicago Slam Obama's Illegal Amnesty: RebelPundit
House immigration plan slammed, spends $10b and deports no illegals: Exam

Obama Croons: I Did It My Way: Debra Saunders
Obama’s State of the Union: “Death is a tax loophole”: PW
Why Obama Fails: W. James Antle III

Young Lives Matter: RS
Renee Ellmers: Worse Than a Democrat: Leon Wolf
ERLC’s Russell Moore ‘Disgusted’ by GOP’s Decision to Drop Pro-Life Bill: ERLC

Trey Gowdy Has a Little Reminder for President Obama : IJR
Does Obama Believe What He Says Anymore?: Ron Fournier
Clinton plans to intimidate with fundraising ‘like nothing you’ve seen’: Hill


A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea: Steve Berman
States Continue War Over Obamacare: Sharyl Attkisson
Teacher Tearfully Opts Out of Common Core: ‘Cruel and Harmful’: MenRec

Scandal Central

Facebook: Your Papers, Please!: Liberty Speaks
NYS Bombshell: Powerful Democrat Sheldon Silver to be arrested on corruption charges: RWN
DOJ Officials Say They Will Not Charge Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson With Civil Rights Violations: WZ


Historic! 300 Million Americans Avoid Obama’s State of the Union as Ratings Plummet: JWF
Major Newspapers Blast President Obama’s Opposition to Bipartisan Iran Legislation: Tower
Chris Kyle Himself Had the Best Comeback to ‘American Sniper’ Critics in a 2012 Conan Interview: IJR

The New Yorker — Yes, the New Yorker — Finally Gets It About Islam: Michael Walsh
An important message for Bill Maher: Personal Liberty
Choke on it, Michael Moore: WZ


U.S. to Award Iran $11.9 Billion Through End of Nuke Talks: Adam Kredo
Democrat Senator Slams Obama on Iran: Ace
Obama uses SOTU to announce surrender to Iran: RS

'Islamization' Of Paris A Warning To The West: CBN
The Muslim population of America is expanding at warp speed: Carol Brown
Rick Santorum Again Questioning Legal Immigration: VDARE

Man Stabs 9 On Tel Aviv Bus; Mental State Preliminarily Diagnosed As "Palestinian": Ace
Election Envy: The Europeans and the Jews: Spengler
10 Israeli tourists hurt in anti-Semitic attack in Argentina: JPost

Netanyahu Accepts Invitation to Speak Before U.S. Congress Next Month: Tower
German anti-Muslim leader quits after photo of him posing as Hitler surfaces: The Week
Eric Pickles' letter to Muslim leaders: the text in full: Independent

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Progressive Insurance Dongle Hacked: Jeff Goldman
The Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses: MarketingProfs
Apple's Time Machine, Cover Flow, and Safari for iOS Targeted in New Lawsuit: MacRumors


Remembering the last lion: Victor Davis Hanson
NH Lottery launches $1 bacon-scented scratch ticket: WCVB
Crazy Alec Baldwin demands to know Dean Cain’s military credentials: Twitchy

Image: Obama Greeted By “Obama Sucks” Signs In Boise
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QOTD: "There is no assimilating invaders who wish to replace your society with theirs, whether they call themselves ‘immigrants,’ ‘refugees’ or ‘asylum-seekers’…When it comes to the soul of a country, there really can be only one." --Michael Walsh

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