Monday, January 12, 2015

Guess who will grace the next cover of #CharlieHebdo?

CNN has the story, but not the cover itself.

Editors of the Paris-based satirical magazine released the cover of their next issue on Monday night, and it shows a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, holding up a sign with the now-famous slogan "Je Suis Charlie."

That slogan has become a rallying cry in the wake of the horrific shootings that left 12 dead at the magazine's offices last week.

...The new cover was shared by Liberation, a French newspaper that lent office space to the surviving staff members of Charlie Hebdo... Liberation's news story about the new cover said it was specifically meant to depict Mohammed.

...Many major news organizations, including CNN, have refrained from showing any of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that purport to show the prophet. Executives at CNN have cited concerns about the safety of staff members and sensitivity about Muslim audiences.

Frauds. Punks. Cowards. Either you believe in freedom of speech or you don't.

So we know where CNN stands. Or rather squats. On its knees, in a pose of submission.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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