Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: A Completely Different Sense of the GOP’s ‘First Tier’

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A Completely Different Sense of the GOP’s ‘First Tier’: Jim Geraghty
State Department-Funded Group Bankrolling Anti-Bibi Campaign: WFB
Spy General Unloads on Obama’s ISIS War Plan: Kimberly Dozier

Obamacare Vs. Cancer Cures: Betsy McCaughey
Gotham in the Russian-American SpyWar: 20 Committee
Watch Obama Refer to Himself 118 Times in 33 Minutes: Paula Bolyard

Levin: Maybe Jeb Realizes Immigration Position 'Just Not Flying': Breitbart
Sarah Palin Slips into Self-Parody : Charles C. W. Cooke
Wyoming legislators debate joining balanced budget compact: Trib

The Other Route to Control Guns: Sara Noble
New FBI Data Confirms 2014 Violent Crimes Down as Gun Sales Soar: BuzzPo
Choose To Refuse: Say “No” to PARCC/SBAC Testing: Michelle Malkin


America’s Middle Class Thrived After WWII and Died Under Obama: Mac Slavo
Illinois governor proposes right-to-work zones in state: Marathon
Numbers on Greece: Market Ticker

Expiration of Unemployment Benefits Drives Down Unemployment: MB
CBO Still Refuses to Score Obamacare, Ignores 15 Tax Hikes in Law: ATR
Who's running the Illinois Lottery? No one seems to know : Greg Hinz

Scandal Central

Phone Company ‘Outraged’ By Fraud, Abuse In ‘Obamaphone’ Program: CBS Denver
Report: Hillary Clinton Agrees to Testify Before Benghazi Panel: Breitbart
Quotes from House Benghazi Select Committee Hearing on Evidence Production: Sharyl Attkisson

Climate & Energy

EPA director warns of vanishing snow due to global warming: Hot Air
Crazy Warmists Continue To Blame Blizzard On “Climate Change”: Cove
Coffee pods: The new eco-villain: Rosemary Counter


Gov. Scott Walker (R, Wisconsin) and the Washington Post’s institutional bias: Moe Lane
Liberal Jonathan Chait Pens Microgressive Triggering Attack on "Political Correctness": Ace
Transsexual Weirdo Rachel Levine Nominated to Be Pennsylvania Physician General: MB

The Leftist Way Of Thinking – Part 666: Camp o' the Saints
Flashback: The Story Of The Bergdahl Desertion And The Men Who Died Because Of It: WZ
Saudi Arabia’s State-Run TV Blurs Out Michelle Obama’s Face For Not Wearing Islamic Headscarf: WZ


On the Run: General Testifies that Al Qaeda Has Grown "Fourfold" In Last Five Years: Ace
How Iran Is Encircling the Gulf and Israel: Khaled Abu Toameh
A Dying Light: Blue Force Tracker

Adolf Eichmann hoped his ‘Arab friends’ would continue his battle against the Jews: Douglas Murray
Obama Sends Campaign Team to Israel to Defeat Netanyahu: TR
After the party, now the hangover: Greece faces run on its banks: Daily Mail

Photos Show China Military Buildup on Island Near Senkakus: Bill Gertz
Israel threatens Assad after Golan Heights rocket fire: Times of Israel
Pentagon Creates Essay Contest To Honor Saudi King, Muslim World: WAW

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Politicians are supporting Comcast's TWC merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast: Verge
Leatherman's new steel tool bracelet is a work of art: PoliceOne
YouTube drops Flash for HTML5 video as default: Rich McCormick


Your Complete Guide To The Watches Of United States Presidents: Hodinkee
Random Thoughts: Thomas Sowell
The Truth Will Set You Free: Springer's Blog

Image: Leatherman's new steel tool bracelet is a work of art
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: BadBlue Gun News

QOTD: "Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis took a stance Tuesday against the release or transfer of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

The policy should be that “when we take them, we hold them” until hostilities have ended, Mattis said in response to questions at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

President Obama has renewed his efforts to close Guantanamo by transferring or releasing the remaining 122 prisoners, but Mattis said there was too much risk that those released would return to the battlefield.

...The failure of the White House to develop a “new security architecture” for the Mideast has left the region in constant turmoil and put the U.S. in the position “where our influence is at its lowest point in four decades,” Mattis said." --Richard Sisk

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