Friday, January 23, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Mossad Chief: Not opposed to Iran sanctions, contrary to liberal media reports

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Mossad Chief: Not opposed to Iran sanctions, contrary to reports: LI
White House miffed that Israel’s PM was invited to address Congress: RS
Breaking: Full statement from Mossad head on Iran: Matzav

Obama’s shtick is getting tired, even with some Democrats: Noah Rothman
Obama Still Reading From The Same Old Script: Jonah Goldberg
SOTU: Obama Boasts of Fundamentally Transforming America: Sara Noble

So, Renee Ellmers: Ace
Ted Cruz Says GOP Will Lose With ‘A Milquetoast Alternative’ In 2016: DC
Defending the Filibuster: The Soul of the Senate: Richard Arenberg

Team Obama Has No Idea What to Do With ISIS Prisoners: JWF
Civil Rights Group Blasts Obama for Anti-Semitic Comments: GWP
Remington Wins Opening Move In Bizarre Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Bob Owens


This Popular Restaurant Has a Maddening New ‘Charge’ : YC
Obama’s Taxes Trap Hillary: Dick Morris
Obama’s Attempt to Turn the Page Undermined By Policy Failures: Michael Barone

Scandal Central

Obama Regime: Our Goal Is Not To Eliminate Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program: WFB
Obama’s Yemen model is a roaring success: RS
Federal Agencies Stonewall House Committee’s Benghazi Investigation: Sharyl Attkisson


Mark Levin: Republicans won’t stop amnesty, Obamacare: Times
Finally Obtained: David Gregory Arrest Warrant Affidavit: LI
Will Media Show Berserk Pro-Abortion Protestors Blocking Pro-Life March?: MRC

Magazine Now Known For Fake Rape Stories Trashes American Sniper Film: Glob
Fox’s Kurtz: Obama YouTube Interview Was ‘Beneath the Dignity of the Office’: Mediaite
A Billionaire Lectures Serfs In Davos: "America's Lifestyle Expectations Are Far Too High": ZH


Where's the Coverage? Satellite Shows Iran's Long Range Nuke-Capable Missile: CAMERA
Iran's New Terror Base against Israel: Gatestone
Obama awards Iran $11.9 BILLION through end of nuke talks: Atlas

Obama’s Bloody Yemen Disaster: Michelle Malkin
Ex-teacher battling CAIR critics in Texas speaks out: I’m not afraid of savages: BPR
Watchdog: Belgian public schools becoming ‘Jew-free’ zones: Times of Israel

Three Female Lawyers have Been Executed by ISIS for being Educated: GJWHG
Egyptian Leader El-Sisi at Davos: Islam Is in Need of “Religious Revolution”: GWP
Dutch ex-minister: World peace if Israeli Jews move to US: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter 'recap' helps you catch up with missed tweets: CIO
Google to reportedly enter cellular service industry as MVNO running on Sprint, T-Mobile networks: AppleInsider
This Drone Crashed While Trying to Deliver 6lbs of Meth: Gizmodo


The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think: Johann Hari
World’s Largest Animated GIF Created with Ground Paintings and a Satellite Camera: PetaPixel
Joey Bada$$ Claims His Phone Got Tapped After Leaked Malia Obama Selfie: Mediaite

Image: Ex-teacher battling CAIR critics in Texas speaks out: I’m not afraid of savages
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