Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama: Let’s tax college savings plans

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Obama: Let’s tax college savings plans: RS
Obama declares war on the middle class: RS
President Obama sings the same old song: Cal Thomas

The Other State of the Union: American Sniper: DiploMad
‘Diversity’ in Action: Thomas Sowell
Untrue Truisms in the War on Terror: Victor Davis Hanson

Thousands Rally Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in TX: Warner Todd Huston
Islamists Encounter Resistance at Texas Convention: MB
CAIR Official Whines The Term “Islamist” Is Offensive: WZ

Sh** Hillary Says: WFB
The Closing of the Republican Mind: Erick Erickson
Rep. Blackburn: 'We Do Not Have a Revenue Problem': CNS


Swiss Shock: Gigantic Losses: Michael Snyder
'Free' Community College (Just Tax College Savings!): Scott Shackford
Government created the financial crises--and might be doing it again: Exam

Scandal Central

The Wrong Kind of Market Disruption: Bill McMorris
Muslim Brotherhood Agent Pelosi Wants On Intel Committee: ‘Allah Will Not Allow You To Stop Us’: Shoebat
Not Robbery, Execution ! – Saint Louis Hotel Manager Is 7th Murder In 24 Hour Span: Treehouse

Climate & Energy

Bigger problems than global warming: NASA discovers 8 new dangerous near Earth asteroids: WUWT
NASA Facing The Heat For Hottest Year Lie: Lid
Media Hype Davos Climate Change Focus as 1,700 Private Jets Fly In: MRC


MSNBC: Bobby Jindal is ‘trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin.’: Moe Lane
Europe’s Islamic Go Zones: Sara Noble
This Professor Hopes SCOTUS Doesn’t Protect Speech He Doesn’t Like: CI

Chris Kyle’s Widow Overwhelmed By ‘American Sniper’ Success, Elites Unhappy: DC
13 Reactions Slam Comedian Seth Rogen’s Words About ‘American Sniper’: IJR
Michael Moore and Seth Rogen Pretend Their Tweets Didn't Criticize 'American Sniper': Tom Blumer


Moscow Conference Unites ‘Ferguson’, ‘Palestine’, Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine, US Hard Left: NoisyRm
Time to recognize Mexico as geopolitical threat: Frank Vernuccio
U.S. A-10 reportedly shot at by ISIS militants with Strela MANPADS in Iraq: Aviationist

11 Things About Islam’s ‘History Of Violence’ That You Probably Didn’t Know: IJR
Iran: IRGC General Killed in Yesterday’s Syria Air Strike: The Tower
Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe: Soeren Kern

In Defense of Europe's So-called Far Right: Daniel Pipes
Terror Goal: Behavior Modification of the West: Dick Morris
When Normal Is Deadly: How Boko Haram Made Us Ok With Slaughter: Daily Beast

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google may invest in SpaceX for Internet through satellites: CIO
Japanese androids hold news conference, chat with baby droids: CIO
Top-Secret Design Will Get Your Resume Into The Right Hands: Gizmodo


35 Things Wrong With America: Roosh Valizadeh
MLK's ‘Arsenal of Guns’ Show He Was All About The 2nd Amendment!: Sooper
Barack Obama Marks MLK Day With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama: WZ

Image: Lowell Birge Harrison, "Moonlight on the River" (1919)
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QOTD: "In this [2016 presidential] election, there is a great opportunity for the Republican Party. Voters are ready to seriously consider an alternative to the disastrous Obama policies. However, if the GOP offers only the “pale pastels” of another moderate loser and not the “bold colors” of a conservative, the party will surely lose again.

If Bush, Christie or Romney wins the nomination, millions of conservatives will stay away from the polls or vote third party. The days of holding one’s nose and voting for the Republican candidate as the “lesser of two evils.” are over." --Jeff Crouere

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Anonymous said...

"Let’s tax college savings plans "

Then, lets put holes in all the cookie jars, so the cockroaches don't have to wait for us to drop crumbs.