Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Men In Burqas

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Men In Burqas: Camp o' the Saints
The Troubling Math of Muslim Migration : Ian Tuttle
CAIR asks Fox News to drop 'Islamophobe' commentators: Thomas Lifson

Cassandra C. versus the Little Eichmanns: RS
Hey, How’s America’s Rail Security Doing?: Michelle Malkin
The Problem With Romney Nostalgia: Jonah Goldberg

Ted Cruz Just Auditioned to Be the Right's Bold Leader in 2016: Rebecca Nelson
Cruz: Abolish The IRS: Rachel Stoltzfoos
Ted Cruz on Mitt Romney: No need for ‘mushy middle’: Ben Schreckinger

House conservatives plot to blow up Republican Study Committee: Hot Air
Conservative Revolt Splits House GOP Group: Daniel Newhauser
Soros-funded behind move to draft Warren for 2016: NECN


Bipartisan support to sellout the American tech worker: Breitbart
Two Cheers for Bad Governance!: Stephen Green
Terror Attack In France Rooted In Entitlement: Rachel Marsden

Scandal Central

Hotter Than Lava: Julia Angwin and Abbie Nehring, ProPublica
Boehner's bartender planned to poison him: CNN
Photo: Clinton with disgraced pedophile Epstein's social fixer at Chelsea's wedding: DailyMail


‘WTF?’ ‘Did the Jews have guns?’ WaPo says Paris hostages were murdered in ‘shoot-out’: Twitchy
Gun control advocates attack American Hero Chris Kyle: John Lott
Sheriff Arpaio Invites Sharpton to Undergo Use-of-Force Scenario: PoliceMag

NY Times Misses a Detail: “What do we Want? Dead Cops!” That detail.: WeaponsMan
New York Times Endorses Thought Crimes: Erick Erickson
John Stewart Is A Major-League Hypocrite: HayRide


Angela Merkel Joins Pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood at German Rally : GWP
Boko Haram’s Radical Islamic Jihadist Army Barbarically Murders 2,000 More: RS
If This Guy Can Get Elected...: uShanka

Obama lies when the truth will do: Charlie Hebdo edition: CSIB
Levin: Obama should have sent Al Sharpton to Paris: Breitbart
Oxford University Press bans sausages, pigs from children’s books in effort 'to avoid offence': DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Convoluted Trail Linking North Korea to Sony: TNW
Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought: Forbes
NASA’s 10 rules for developing safety-critical code: SD Times


C'mon people: Springer's Blog
Last night, I dreamed of a world without peas.: MOTUS
Sterling Archer Romantic Advice: Sterling Malory Archer

Image: The Islamic sermon that taught me what’s happened to Birmingham
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QOTD: "The president’s flat line response to the Charley Hebdo massacre and then the terrorist attack on the kosher market in Paris (which he failed to characterize as an act of anti-Semitism in his public statement after it happened) illustrated his lack of comfort on this terrain. This is a president that has spent his time in office trying desperately to reach out to the Arab and Muslim worlds to change their perception of the United States. That he has failed in this respect is no longer in question but his disinterest in taking part in a symbolic response to extremist Islam stands in direct contrast to his eagerness for détente with an Iran that is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The cold shoulder he gave the Paris march resonates not so much because of the odd and very conspicuous absence of an American representative of any stature, but because it fits with the perception of his attitudes.

If he and his defenders think this is unfair, that is understandable. But a president who disdains acts of moral leadership cannot complain when they are judged as having failed to send the right message to the world. A president who thought of himself as the leader of the free world would not have made such a mistake. One that disdains that title couldn’t help but make it." --Jonathan S. Tobin

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