Monday, January 12, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: On Radical Islam: You Have Exactly Three Choices

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On Radical Islam: You Have Exactly Three Choices: Karl Denninger
The Colonization of the West by the Third World: HillBuzz
France Declares War on Radical Islam, Eric Holder Refuses: Leah Barkoukis

Tweet of the Day: Great Moments in World History: WZ
White House to Host Home-Grown Terrorist Summit: Keith Koffler
Feinstein: Mass Casualty Attack By Terrorists Possible: Kate Scanlon

The Party of Snobbish Elites: Victor Davis Hanson
Prepare for yet another immigration showdown: Quentin Kramer
Female Gun Store Owner Shoots 3 Robbers Who Killed Her Husband: BlurBrain

So They Were Actual Muslims Then?: Erick Erickson
Clash of Civilizations: “It is time for the West to change.”: Protein Wisdom
As If On Cue...: Derek Hunter

Boehner: It hurts when critics call me 'spineless, or a squish': David M. Drucker
Boehner Re-elected Speaker . . . And You Got Played: RWN
Boehner embrace of GOP rebels nudges House to right: Charles Babington


Betrayed single-payer fanatics throw temper tantrum in Vermont: Moe Lane
#FreeCommunityCollege – You Morons Can’t Afford It!: Steven Crowder
The Unions-Driven Crisis That Could Be Coming to a City Near You: Stephen Moore

Scandal Central

Report: No U.S. Representation At Rally, Holder Didn’t Show Up: WZ
Obama doesn’t even send Kerry to Paris: FAM
Obama Helping to Ban Reenactments of 1889 Land Rush Because it’s ‘Racist’: Publius

Climate & Energy

Biofuels Have Never Made Less Sense: AmInt
Vent Your Heating & Cooling Frustrations with Ecovent: SoundAndVision
How OPEC Weaponized the Price of Oil Against U.S. Drillers: Bloomberg


This isn't national news? EVIL: Don Surber
Charlie Hebdo Could Never Have Existed on an American College Campus: CI
These are the biggest hypocrites celebrating free speech today in Paris: Kabir Chibber

Newspaper Office in California Vandalized Simply For Using The Word ‘Illegals’ In Headline: RWN
Mental Midget Anti’s Using Hebdo Attack To Push Gun Control: Extrano's Alley
Why Has George Clooney Remained Silent About ‘Charlie Hebdo’?: Publius


50 World Leaders at Paris Anti-Terror Rally But Guess Who’s Missing?: Clash
Obama spent his day watching NFL playoff football: FAM
Pushing Back Against Free Speech Hypocrisy In Britain: VDARE

Venezuela puts food distribution under military protection: Rick Moran
Hacktivists declare war on terrorists; it’s more than Obama’s done anyway: BPR
In Honor Of Charlie Hebdo: WZ

I’m Running Out of Ways to Defend Islam: Allen Clifton, ForwardProgressives
The U.S. Marines' 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War: National Interest
Calling Islamism the Enemy: Daniel Pipes

Islam’s wars betray a deadly problem: John Ruberry
Is Boko Haram Using Abducted Girls as Suicide Bombers?: Patrick Goodenough
Can Islam Be Reformed?: Dennis Prager (2011)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Blaming The Gun For The Battle Losses: Herschel Smith
Your Own Private Two-Person Submersible Is Here: John Wenz
Men Who Post Lots of Selfies Show Signs of Psychopathy, Says Study : Darren Orf


The End of Outrage: MOTUS
Two Familiar Things to Comfort You: Ace
Chris Christie Lampooned as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: OTB

Image: Amedy Coulibaly shot and killed at grocery store in Vicennes - Uncensored and uncut
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QOTD: "In terms of profile, these jihadist murderers fit it perfectly, to an almost comical extent: angry young losers, drug users with criminal records, coming from broken families, known unpleasantly in their community as violent troublemakers. There was even the obligatory aspiring rap artist cliche. These are essentially spree killers seeking an ideology to justify their murderous urges, and in Salafi jihadism they found it: that being the hate-based worldview of choice for many would-be terrorists these days, anywhere. When travel to foreign jihad was added to the Kouachi dossier, the French intelligence services had something to work with, but not enough to keep them off the streets for long. It was inevitable that the security apparatus — which can only track so many targets in “real time” or something close to it, and resources are always finite — placed other, more dangerous-looking jihadists higher on the list to be watched than the Paris killers." --20 Committee

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