Friday, January 02, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: When Facts Are Obsolete

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When Facts Are Obsolete: Thomas Sowell
Top conservatives call for Boehner’s ouster as speaker: Sam Rolley
Jan. 6 House Speaker Vote: Conservative Coup Against Boehner?: Raven Clabough

Top Ten Political Fictions of 2014: Marguerite Creel
Next Up in America: The Liberal Retreat: Walter Russell Mead
The Only Way to "Save" America - the Constitution!: Paul Dowling

Is Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Catching On?: Rod Kackley
Top Ten Gun Control Zealots Of 2014: Tony Oliva
GOP Legislators Thwart Bids to Expand Medicaid: ABC

Scalise Hit Came From Former Dem Opponent’s Son: Aaron Gardner
"Audit The Fed" Bill Gains Momentum, Yellen Starts Damage Control: ZH
Jeb Bush quits board posts ahead of possible White House run: Reuters


More than 10,000 events to mark National School Choice Week: Kyle Olson
Final Tally: It Cost America $9.3 Billion to Save GM and Chrysler: Clifford Atiyeh
Valuation: You Got Problems: Karl Denninger

Scandal Central

A Streetcar Named Debacle: Walter Russell Mead
Sharyl Attkisson & Judicial Watch Unite To Sue Dept. of Justice: Lid
Wikileaks: CIA's Brennan on 'witch hunt' when journalist Michael Hastings was killed: Ralph Lopez

Climate & Energy

The Ironies of Oil: Victor Davis Hanson
How to Protect taxpayers from the EPA: Chase Downham
NC Sea Rise Doom: A Lesson In A Warmist Narrative: Cove


Liberals Can’t Argue, They Can Only Bully: John Hinderaker
Obama Will Shut Border Agency To Aid Illegals, Says Aide: DC
Obama Chef Quits Over "Queen of Mean" Michelle: Enquirer

Turns Out That Lamar White Got Even The Most Basic Facts Wrong About Scalise’s Speech: Hayride
Into the New: Erick Erickson
Eric Holder: It’s Racist to Say, “Let’s Take Our Country Back”: ConTrib

Is the Most Powerful Conservative in America Losing His Edge?: Molly Ball
Will Conservatives Give Us a New Constitution?: Steve Byas
Rust Never Sleeps: The Union News

Unarmed White Man Killed by Alabama Police; No Protests, No Riots, No National Media: GWP
2014 Man of the Year: Hillary’s Service Dog: WFB
Top 10 Bumper Stickers of 2014: LI


Cotton: 'Appalling' to Consider US Embassies in Teheran, Havana Before Jerusalem: Breitbart
Russia’s Sub Rosa Statecraft: AmInt
Krauthammer: Castros Had To Wait Out 10 Presidents 'Til "Obama Gave Away The Store": RightPundit

Central Europe: A Vanishing Idea: AmInt
Censorship, "Mental Illness" Overrun France: Guy Millière
940 Cars Torched Across France on New Year’s Eve: GWP

Africa to Israel’s Rescue: AmInt
DeBlasio’s Father Backed Appeasing Hitler in 1938: GotNews
'Biggest secret Nazi weapons factory of the Third Reich' discovered underground: Mirror

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

North Korea/Sony Story Shows How Eagerly U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims: Intercept
Over 700 Million People Taking Steps to Avoid NSA Surveillance: Bruce Schneier
Microsoft's Top 15 Technologies Dropping in'15: Brian Posey


2014 Missed Opportunity: WRSA
People We Didn't Lose in 2014: Wizbangpop
10 Twilight Zone Episodes You Must Watch: PopMech

Image: AirAsia jet may have made safe landing on sea before sinking, experts says
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"Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton all add to their power by dividing the nation along racial lines.

But why single them out? Every long-term strategy for the Democratic Party at the national level I have seen relies on the Dems collecting 90% of the black vote and a huge disproportion of other ethnics. How can they do that? Well, there is only so much public appetite for yet another well-intentioned but ill-conceived Federal giveaway, so...

Keep Hate Alive!"

--Tom Maguire


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hear Hairy Reed was power lifting, or was it power rowing (?) and his equipment failed. Dude, one report said he was receiving oral sex while going 75 from a little kid when his chest hit the steering wheel and his face hit the windshield in the crash, what's a person to believe? I just don't know what the truth is anymore.

Mark said...

Major props for the Wikileaks info on Hastings. Since Loudlabs released the dash cam footage of him blowing through red lights moments before the crash, it can't help but look like the car was not in his control. The chances of "suicide by car" resulting in such a horrific explosion are quite small, after all.